After-sales service

The agency Homes turkey and after the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale of Turkish real estate is ready to help you in the arrangement and management of your home in Turkey.


Of course, you know that apartments in Turkey are rented with full finishing, plumbing and built-in kitchen furniture. So you don't need to bother with repairs after receiving documents for an apartment in Turkey.

But in an apartment, even with such a wonderful finish, you will agree, it is still impossible to live: you have to sleep on something, sit on something, cook food in some way. In a word, new apartments need furniture, household appliances, other small things, without which life is impossible.

There are plenty of shops where you can buy all this in Turkish cities. But... Great, if you speak Turkish or at least conversational English, then you will be able to explain to the seller yourself what you want to buy, why you are not satisfied with the upholstery of this sofa and find out if it is possible to purchase only chairs from a set of furniture. But what if you explain yourself only "on your fingers"? And more. It's easier with technology: when choosing it, you can focus on well-known global brands. It is more difficult with furniture: it is not always possible to guess at a glance how well it is made, and it is also difficult to go around all the shops in order to find an acceptable price-quality option. In addition, there are various paid and free services, discounts, installments, warranty periods for goods in Turkish hardware and interior items stores, you also need to know about their availability, and you need to negotiate with the seller and the store manager about them.

In other words, most often for such shopping after buying a house in Turkey, you need a guide. And not just a guide, but an assistant guide, given that you may have very little time before returning to your homeland, or even you cannot come to the country at all to equip your new apartments abroad, but would like to have a rest in a ready-made apartment.

Even after the conclusion of the purchase and sale of Turkish real estate, the Homes turkey agency is ready to help you in the arrangement and management of your home in Turkey, primarily in Alanya, where the company's head office is located.

After-sales service is part of our business. If necessary, after receiving the Tapu, our manager will take you to the best hardware and interior stores, help solve all the issues that arise.

If for some reason you yourself cannot come to Turkey to arrange an apartment, you can arrange the purchase of furniture and appliances from the catalog, focusing on the criteria and order of prices you have defined, coordinate everything on the Internet, and then we will monitor the delivery and installation of furniture and appliances.

In addition, our customers trust us to organize the preparation of the interior for settling in, cleaning the apartment for your arrival and after departure, if you are only resting, and do not live in the country permanently.

Homes turkey Agency is ready to take over the management of your Turkish real estate, if you decide to rent it out.

In short, we not only sell real estate in Turkey, but strive to become a reliable friend and assistant for our clients.


Conclusion of subscription contracts for the provision of services
Conclusion of subscription contracts for the provision of water supply, power supply, wired and mobile telephone services. Without subscription contracts, water will not flow from the tap, and your chandeliers will not be illuminated with a welcoming light. In this, though not very troublesome, but still often constituting some difficulties for a person who does not speak the language, we will certainly help you. In addition, if necessary, we can contribute to the provision of technical services: conducting inspections of the condition of electrical wiring, as well as plumbing systems, electrical equipment, air conditioning and room heating. If any malfunctions are detected, a notification is sent to the client about this circumstance and, after receiving certain instructions from him to act, the elimination of existing problems by timely calling specialists of the repair and technical service.
Renovation of the premises
Have you purchased an apartment from the owner and want to redo something "for yourself" or do you need to change the layout and design of your villa? At home, many of our clients have made more than one repair, but in Turkey everything is completely different, different from Russia and the CIS countries, and there is no escape from the language barrier. Our repair managers have extensive experience, connections with construction companies and finishing work teams, speak Turkish, so they will find workers for a reasonable fee, help with the selection and purchase of construction materials, point out shortcomings and accept work as a result. For our clients, repair support is included in the after-sales service, so it is not paid additionally.
Cleaning of the premises
In the event that the client informs about the date of arrival, cleaning and timely airing are carried out in the residential premises. It happens that regretfully leaving your apartment for a cold, albeit beloved Homeland, you can forget something important: for example, turn off the refrigerator or leave perishable food in the kitchen cabinet. We always try to help and eliminate the problem as soon as possible. You can also order cleaning for guests coming to your apartment or villa, friends, relatives and tenants.
Rent of premises
When you purchase a home through our agency, we assist you in obtaining a certain amount of additional income. For this purpose, the recommendations of existing clients of the company are used to lease the real estate you have purchased to them. In addition, we can accommodate your friends and guests if the area of the housing you have purchased is insufficient to accommodate all those who have arrived. The rental manager is always present when handing over the keys, provides advice when choosing a property for rent. Also on our website there is a special section where everyone can get acquainted with the available options of apartments and villas for rent.
Car rental and purchase advice
Buying or renting a home on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea has a completely different concept of recreation than a hotel. Any resort town simply breathes history. Therefore, many of our guests and clients come to mind to get acquainted with this rich centuries-old heritage. The easiest way is to rent a car and go in any direction. We are also ready to help you with this by renting a car of the latest model on favorable terms. Have you decided to move or do you spend a lot of time in your second "Turkish" house? We can help you in buying a car.
Design and interior
We all know what role the interior plays in a comfortable life. Buying an apartment abroad, you may experience difficulties with the furnishing of your apartment and making any changes to the design of the room. And we took care of that too! At the conclusion of a contract for the purchase and sale of real estate, a furniture package can already be included in the price and painted to the smallest detail. When you arrive at your apartment for the first time, everything can already be ready. If you like to choose your own furniture, household appliances, dishes, accessories – we provide advice from leading experts when choosing, as well as purchasing furniture, some interior elements and design. The specialist accompanies you and pays attention to the main points, advises shopping centers and shops if necessary, and also provides translation services.
The whole world actively uses the services of insurance companies: it is considered completely ordinary if you insure your health, apartment, car. In order for you not to have any problems with the occurrence of an insured event, we provide consulting services directly for real estate insurance, help to issue a medical insurance policy and insure a car in case of purchase.
Transportation services
If you have difficulties with buying air tickets, you do not know how and where it is better to buy a ticket for a charter flight, if you or your guests need an airport transfer or VIP transport with a personal driver for a special occasion, you can always ask your real estate manager to help. We not only assist in the selection of an object and the transaction of the purchase and sale of real estate, but also help you adapt to a new environment, and also give you all the information necessary for a comfortable stay and rest.


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