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Why is it profitable for Russian citizens to invest in Turkish real estate?

Why is it profitable for Russian citizens to invest in Turkish real estate?

Russians have been choosing the Republic of Turkey as their main tourist destination for many years. There is incredibly beautiful nature, warm climate, unique cultural and historical monuments, a large selection of resorts for every taste and budget. Every year the number of people wishing to come to Turkey is increasing, and last year almost 5 million Russians came to Turkish resorts.

The latter is not the only reason why citizens of the Russian Federation have been visiting the Republic of Turkey recently. That is why many tourists invest in buying real estate in resorts.

Why do Russian investors buy apartments in Turkey? Firstly, it is a really profitable investment that promises profit in the near future. And secondly, Turkish resorts offer many advantages, which we will talk about in our article.

Real estate sales statistics in Turkey

To understand the real situation on the real estate sales market in Turkey, we present statistics for 2019. According to official data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, 65% more square meters of real estate were sold in just 7 months. compared to the same period in 2018.
Russians occupy the third place in the list of buyers of residential real estate in Turkey.
Russians are interested in buying Turkish real estate for two main reasons
* To have their own apartment for a vacation or retirement and feel as comfortable as possible;
* It is profitable to invest and use housing as an additional source of income (from rent or resale).

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