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Why are attic apartments so popular in Turkey

Why are attic apartments so popular in Turkey

The word penthouse consists of two parts: "Pentis", which means a shed or outbuilding, and "house" or house. In other words, the term literally translates as "house extension". In the 19th century, this type of premises was considered literally technical and was inhabited by people with low incomes. Later, in the 1920s, penthouses in New York were classified as premium real estate, and the fashion for them spread from the United States around the world.

Today, as many years ago, penthouses are still considered elite real estate, which is bought by wealthy buyers. But even people with average incomes can afford to buy a quality penthouse in Turkey.

What does the penthouse look like? In the classical sense, this is a real estate occupying the top two floors of a multi-storey building. The area of such apartments is usually about 200 square meters, and the ceiling height is about 4 meters. Due to the unique location, the owners of the attic apartments have the opportunity to arrange a garden on the terrace, build a swimming pool and a golf course. Of course, there are not so many such houses that would fit all the classic features of penthouses. However, the modern market of many countries is ready to offer buyers decent alternatives.

The main advantages of attic apartments
As practice shows, the main advantages of penthouses do not change from year to year. Of which:
* Elite status. Luxury penthouses in Turkey have been and remain an indicator of the prestige of their owners.
* Beautiful panoramic view from the windows and from the terrace. In the range of penthouses of one of the famous Turkish resorts, there are always options with beautiful panoramas, even if it is not a high-rise, but an ordinary residential complex with 8-10 floors.
* Availability of fresh air. This property, of course, is more concerned about investors who buy apartments in large metropolitan areas. In the tourist resorts of Turkey, apartments on each floor correspond to all the features of ecology and comfort.
* Maximum privacy. With such apartments in Turkey, you can always feel away from the crowd.
* High liquidity of investments. Regardless of the time and fashion, these are penthouses and remain one of the most popular types of real estate for easy and profitable rental or resale. With the right choice, the cost of such housing increases from year to year.

What determines the price of a penthouse in Turkey?

Buying a penthouse in Turkey will cost you more than any other type of apartment. However, the costs are not as high as in Europe and, for example, in Russia.
Perhaps, quite reasonable prices along with a favorable climate, sea, sun and landscape are the main reasons for the popularity of Turkish real estate.

What determines the price of a penthouse:
* Venue
First of all, rooftop apartments with sea views and houses in Turkey are becoming more expensive.
* biotope
The more square meters in the apartment, the higher the final price.
* Construction phase
In Turkey, the developer of the project starts selling apartments at the construction stage, and in some cases - during the planning of the building. At the same time, apartments at the initial stage of construction and in the finished house differ significantly in price. To save up to 30% on the cost of housing, we recommend buying a penthouse at the beginning of construction.
* Infrastructure
The more public buildings and services in the residential complex, the better the quality of finishing works and materials, the higher the price per square meter.
* Region, locality

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the resorts of Alanya, Antalya are considered among the most popular places for real estate investments. Here you can buy luxury apartments at a very affordable price, which will remain liquid for many years. Municipalities monitor not only the quality of construction, but also the observance of the ecological balance. A maximum of 20% of the land will be given for construction, the rest of the territory is landscaped, squares and parks are demolished, lemon and orange groves and beaches are built.

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