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Alanya – where to buy groceries? Chain supermarkets, shops, markets

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As for this article, here we will tell you about where the residents of Alanya buy food.
Buying an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) cheap is the right decision. And all because there are many markets where local farmers sell fresh produce. In general, there are about 15 large markets in the city. As a rule, in addition to food, you can find clothes and souvenirs in the markets.
What you need to remember
If you intend to buy an apartment in Turkey on the seashore, remember the following rules:
*     Remember that payment is made only in cash. It is best to use Turkish lira. However, merchants also accept dollars and euros;
*     If we are talking about food, then bargaining is inappropriate. You will be able to buy food exclusively at the price tag;
*     Most markets are open from 9 to 19 hours. Moreover, by the evening, when certain products lose their freshness, prices may be reduced;
*     You can buy spices, cheeses, vegetables, nuts, fish, fruits, meat, dairy products, berries, herbs, etc.;
Chain supermarkets
If your goal is to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea, also study the information regarding supermarkets.
Fortunately, in Alanya, almost at every step you can find a supermarket or a small grocery store. Prices are hardly high. Here you can fully eat even with very modest incomes. Thus, you will definitely not stay hungry at the Turkish resort.
The cheapest food and household chemicals can traditionally be found in stores under the signs Bim and A101. Just remember that alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are not sold here.
If you are interested in products by weight, go to the Hasbul chain stores. Cheap prices for rice, nuts, lentils and dried fruits. The most interesting thing is that in Khasbul, some varieties of coffee are ground right in front of the client.
If you are interested in foreign products, then look for signs such as Carefour and Migros. Here you can find alcohol and popular brands of cigarettes. Sometimes mini-bakeries work right in supermarkets, where you can buy fresh pastries.
Important! Turkish supermarket chains quite often arrange various promotions. On such days, the usual products can be purchased almost at half price!
Almost all supermarkets in Alanya are open from 9.00 to 21.00. Exceptions can only be on holidays. Supermarkets don't have days off.
If you miss Russian food, then go to Mahmutlar. This is where the Russian store is located. Look for the Gozde Market sign. Inside you will find a lot of products that are familiar to Russians: cottage cheese, sour cream, sauerkraut, dumplings, etc.
The largest hypermarket is Metro. You can get to it by buses 2 and 202.

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