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Why invest in real estate in Turkey

Why invest in real estate in Turkey
We will briefly describe the reasons why you can count on a high income from real estate in Turkey. It will be about earning money on rent.
The following can be used for both residential and commercial real estate.

Important commercial and economic role
Employment and income indicators in the country are growing. Turkey benefits from its favorable geographical and transport situation and actively trades with Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, China and many others. This creates a steady flow of business buyers and tenants - high demand, which can lead to an increase in real estate prices in both the luxury and commercial sectors.
Developed infrastructure and advanced technologies
The country has extremely low transportation costs. Although fuel prices are not exactly low, the country's infrastructure has evolved over the past decade and can keep up with industry leaders.
Of course, the need for high-tech infrastructure support - modern communications, innovations in the energy sector, etc. is growing.
All this creates an environment for the influx of a large number of highly qualified employees - engineers and IT specialists. The population is rich and ready to rent expensive housing.

Young population
Turkey is one of the young countries. The average age of the population ranges from 25 to 35 years. This is an extremely mobile population seeking rent. A good basis for additional earnings in busy cities.

Busy tourist destinations
If you want to make money from tourists, Istanbul and a network of cities, huts and resorts on the coast of southern Antalya are your best choice: from Antalya and Belek in the east to Izmir and Kusadasi in the west.

Favorable interest on the loan
The Turkish authorities attach great importance to attracting potential buyers and investors in real estate to use various credit instruments.
Interest rates on loans, as a rule, are not the most attractive, but banks compensate for this with various preferential plans, tax benefits, flexible payment terms and small deposits.

Residence visa for investment
You can get a residence permit for a period of 1 to 5 years. It is renewable, and you do not take it away when selling the property on which you are registered. To do this, you need to invest from $ 250,000. It can be one object or several.

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