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Open a bank account in the Republic of Turkey

It is quite easy to open a bank account in the Republic of Turkey. Any foreigner can do this. Before choosing a bank, you should pay attention to several important aspects: How profitable are the interest rates and terms of service. They differ in different banks, therefore, before choosing a bank, you should conduct at least a minimal comparative analysis. Is there an employee(s) in the bank who speaks the language of your country or another foreign language that you speak. As a rule, any large Turkish bank has employees who speak at least English. Is there a service that provides "mobile banking" services. With this banking application, it will be convenient for you to monitor your accounts and make various online payments from anywhere in the world. How many ATMs does the bank have and how convenient their location is specifically for you. It is advisable to open an account with a bank with which your country maintains partnership relations. This will greatly simplify many procedures for you. Although this point is not fundamental. Also, if you plan to take out a loan for an apartment in a Turkish bank, then it is better to open a current account in the same bank. A debit card is usually "linked" to the current account, it will be possible to make purchases and pay for goods and services with it. To open an account in a Turkish bank, you will need: Passport Passport of your country Turkish INN (vergi numarası - the number issued by the tax service) These are the main documents, but perhaps something else may be required, therefore, it is necessary to clarify the list of documents in a particular bank. Usually, the current account is opened immediately, during the application to the bank, provided that all documents are in order. But making a debit card can take several days. Also, you should notify the tax service of your country that you have an account with a foreign bank. Then it will be possible to transfer money from a bank account in your country to an account in a Turkish bank. In which currency to open a bank account is a personal matter for everyone. Three options are usually offered: euros, dollars and Turkish lira. By the way, in order to obtain a residence permit, a foreigner needs to have a current account in a Turkish bank: a statement on the status of your account may be required for obtaining a residence permit. As for the protection of savings in a bank account, it is absolutely safe to keep money in banks in Turkey: the state carefully controls the banking sector. In addition, all accounts are insured, so even if the bank goes bankrupt, your money can be returned in full. In the Turkish banking system, everything is quite simple and transparent. Now tens of thousands of foreigners have settlement accounts, the procedure for opening and servicing them has been worked out to the smallest detail: you can trust Turkish banks without fear!

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