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Bulgaria or Turkey - which is better?

Bulgaria or Turkey - which is better?

If we look at the offers on the Turkish and Bulgarian real estate markets, it should be noted that most of them are in approximately the same price range and are available to many foreigners. Experts believe that cheaper housing abroad can now be bought only in Egypt. Nevertheless, in 2020 you will buy a quality 1 + 1 apartment by the sea in Alanya for about 40,000 euros, and studios in Bulgaria offer in the range of 25,000 to 30,000 euros. For an objective price assessment, you definitely need to take into account a number of factors in order to get a real market share.

The price per square meter directly depends on how close the object is to the sea, and also corresponds to the level of development of resort and urban infrastructure. In other words, the closer the house is to the sea, the port, the comfortable beach, the better the infrastructure, the higher the price of the property for sale.

In both countries, the quality of construction, materials used and construction technologies play an important role in pricing. The better and more modern they are, the more expensive it will be.
The Bulgarian real estate market is oversaturated, so local real estate agents often offer foreign buyers all kinds of bonuses and discounts, interest rates and other discounts to attract customers.

In the Republic of Turkey, developers who see all the advantages of location, climate and macroeconomic development approach sales somewhat differently. They are not so sensitive to discounts, but the state system is ready to offer foreigners relatively good mortgage terms, interest-free installments of investors and profitable investment plans for houses under construction.

Building elements in Turkey and Bulgaria

As we have already noted, the cost of living in both countries of rest is comparable. It should be noted that there are significant differences in the breeding of Turkey and Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, there are many objects on the market that are represented by apartments, that is, residential premises that are most suitable for recreation. Building land and cottages are a rare offer. One of the reasons is the ban on the Bulgarian authorities selling land to foreign citizens (private individuals). Only foreign organizations and companies, legal entities can purchase land.
In the Republic of Turkey, the law does not prohibit the sale of land to foreigners, so you will find not only good land on the market, but also luxury villas or comfortable houses.
As for the living space, the construction of small studios has been banned in Turkey since 2017, which has greatly affected the image of housing on the market. Now all Turkish apartments on the coast have spacious bright rooms, a very comfortable layout and large terraces for relaxing. There are many small studios for sale in Bulgaria, which, of course, is acceptable for buyers who come on vacation once or twice a year.

Bulgaria has an important advantage in terms of location - there is still the possibility of buying a home on the first coast. In the Republic of Turkey, new houses are being built slightly away from the sea, although relatively small in size. The first bank is built up with hotels or you can find real estate for sale there.
If you look at the real estate market of both countries from the point of view of the quality of construction, experts agree that in general it is the same level. Builders adopt the experience of European companies, and with each new house, the most modern, the quality of materials and the speed of construction grow. Turkish construction companies do business abroad, winning large tenders and demonstrating consistently high quality of work performed.

Comparative characteristics of the infrastructure

Where is it better to buy real estate in Turkey or Bulgaria in terms of the level of development and quality of infrastructure? The Republic of Turkey is undoubtedly a leader here in terms of the level and variety of infrastructure and services offered not only by residents of the post-Soviet space, but also by Europeans, tourists from the Middle East and other countries. People from Germany, England and Scandinavian countries like to come to Turkish baths, especially on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Cities such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Belek are ready to offer the best to foreign tourists: high-quality and interesting diving, elite golf courses, club lifestyle, luxury marinas for superyachts and much more.
In this regard, Bulgaria usually focuses on long summer holidays with the whole family. In this case, the cost of living is very important, since in Bulgaria it is much lower than in Turkey. This applies not only to rental housing, but also to the cost of food and entertainment for children and adults.

There are many interesting historical and natural monuments, hiking trails and hiking trails in both countries.
The disadvantages of Bulgarian resorts are related to their obvious seasonality: as soon as the active swimming season ends, the beaches are empty, most entertainment venues and shops are closed. Living in Turkey today at any time of the year is not a problem. Whenever you come here - in autumn, winter, spring and summer, almost the entire infrastructure is working, life does not stop for a minute. There are no problems with air traffic in any of the major powers. In winter, there are fewer flights to Bulgaria than to Turkey.

I will note separately the medicine of both countries. Bulgaria has not yet achieved excellent results in this regard, but medical tourism in Turkey has been flourishing and actively developing for several years. The fact is that Turkish private and public clinics provide patients with the highest quality services, the cost of which is significantly lower than, for example, in the USA or Europe and is comparable only with Israel. Every year, many patients with different diagnoses are sent to the Republic of Turkey for the qualified help of doctors and medical staff.

The road to both countries is good. Roads are being repaired, new roads and bridges are being built. For lovers of comfort, there is an opportunity to see your car or rent it. Gasoline prices are about the same. Public transport and intercity communication are well developed: I work with regular taxis, buses, buses and taxis.

Rental and resale of real estate

As for Turkey, there are currently several acceptable and profitable rental and resale options for foreign property owners. A few years ago, the government introduced a ban on short-term rentals for individuals and introduced a list of rules that must be followed to become a legitimate landlord. Therefore, only one legal entity can rent apartments that have not one, but several apartments (in fact, you must be the owner of a smaller hotel).

Realtors and specialized companies have found a way out: a guaranteed lease, in which the owner transfers his apartments to management, and he has a stable income, the amount of which depends on the liquidity of the living space, as well as the ability to rent more for vacation.

Resale in the Turkish housing market is a profitable business for those who buy an apartment in the early stages of construction. The higher the readiness of the house, the higher the price per square meter. Upon completion of the construction, the foreign owner can sell the apartment at a much higher price than the original price and receive good dividends.

In Bulgaria, the holiday season is not so long and it is almost impossible to rent an apartment in the second season. As a result, rental income is relatively low and volatile.

In general, success and profit in both countries depend on the choice of location and type of real estate. Therefore, if you are planning to rent a house or earn money from resale, we recommend that you consult with experts in this field before making a purchase.

Comfort level: where is Turkey or Bulgaria better?

In addition to objective economic factors, comfort and convenience, many citizens also take into account such characteristics as the attitude of local residents to foreigners and cultural and national ties.
If we talk about Bulgaria in this sense, then, of course, at first glance it is much closer to people from the CIS. There are similarities in language, communication, culture, religion and other factors.

The Republic of Turkey is an Islamic country that distinguishes local traditions from other European and CIS countries. However, for many foreigners there are interesting differences in traditions and culture. After Turkey became a republic, the European way of life, the secular vector of development and democratic relations spread here.
As for the kindness and openness of the peoples of both countries to foreigners, they both show warmth and hospitality.


Turkey or Bulgaria - the main differences:
* Turkey has the best infrastructure even in areas remote from the sea.
* Lower prices for air tickets in Turkey than in Bulgaria.
* The bathing season in the Mediterranean is about 6 months, 7 months, and on the Black Sea coast about 4 months a year.
* The Turkish government welcomes investments in real estate and therefore made it as easy as possible to buy a house, a residence permit and citizenship.
* The absence of a visa regime between the Republic of Turkey and most post-Soviet countries.
* High rates of economic development in Turkey can compete with the dynamics of the Bulgarian economy.
* It is easier to find a job and start a business in the resort republic than in Bulgaria.
Which country to invest in when buying real estate is the decision of each foreign buyer independently. Company I am ready to help you find liquid real estate in the most popular cities of Turkey.

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