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In 2023, 39 shopping centers are expected to open in the Republic of Turkey.

In 2023, 39 shopping centers are expected to open in the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey has an active force in all spheres of the economy. Within the country, the quality of life of the population is constantly improving according to European standards.
The state commercial sector plans to build and open 39 new shopping malls in Turkey by 2023.

The report was prepared by Professor Hussein Altash, Doctor and President of the Turkish Association of Shopping Centers and Investors (AYD).
Currently, there are 436 shopping centers in the country, and by 2023 their number will increase to 475. According to experts, a large influx of investments into this part of Turkish commercial real estate is not expected, since all the needs of the country's residents have already been met.

From March to June of this year, almost all shopping malls and other commercial real estate were closed due to the current quarantine measures. Some shopping malls have been open since mid-May, and all of them are already working on all security measures today. Such measures include: keeping a distance, wearing a mask, measuring temperature, observing hygiene rules, treating hands with disinfectants.

Summary statistics show that shopping malls in Turkey received a total of about 3 million visitors in June, about 4 million visitors in July and is expected to reach 4.5 million customers per day by August.
Unlike markets and street shops, Hussein Altash says that shopping malls are guaranteed maximum protection of visitors and safe shopping

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