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How do I get a Turkish driver's license and do I need them for a foreigner?

More and more foreigners come to Turkey to rest and move to live. Many of them want to drive on the roads of the country in their car. In this regard, there are many questions: how to get a Turkish license and whether a foreigner needs them, is it possible to bring your car to Turkey, what is the system of fines in the country and how to rent a car correctly. These and other questions are answered by the general director of the real estate company Homes turkey Mukhammadchon Bahronov can a foreigner come to Turkey by his car? All foreigners have every right to come to the Republic of Turkey by car. A lot of foreigners are doing this now. As a rule, these are those who buy real estate in Turkey and move here to live. How long can a car with foreign license plates stay in Turkey? According to Turkish law, a car with foreign license plates can stay in Turkey for two years. At the same time, the owner of the property must have an ikamet (residence permit). Tourists can stay in Turkey by car for up to 90 days. What documents do I need to bring my car to Turkey? In order to come to Turkey by your own car, you need a driver's license, a document from a foreign country confirming your ownership of the car, and insurance that is valid in Turkey. As a rule, car owners issue this document on the Internet on special sites. You can also apply for private insurance at customs. Its cost depends on the engine power. If the driver is a pensioner, then you need to have a pension certificate in Turkish and notarized. Who can use a car with foreign license plates in Turkey? There are a number of limitations. You cannot transfer a car with foreign license plates to other hands. The exception is the spouse of the owner of the car, as well as the children and parents of the owner of the car. However, in an emergency, another person can get behind the wheel of your car, but on condition that you will be in the same car. In case of violation of this rule, penalties are applied, in addition, the car is sent outside the country. Is it possible to leave vehicles with foreign license plates in the country when leaving Turkey? This is not prohibited by law. If the owner of the car needs to leave Turkey, then he can leave his car in the country. When leaving, you need to notify the customs service every time and write a commitment that no one will use your car during your absence. Also, at the time of departure, the car can be left to the customs authority. Otherwise, a fine will be imposed. But the owner himself can leave Turkey as many times as he wants. However, if you have left Turkey in your car abroad within two established years, then the remaining period is canceled. Therefore, if you are supposed to stay outside Turkey for a short time, it is better to leave the car on the territory of the country. Can a foreigner use the driver's license of his country? Turkey is a tourist country and millions of foreigners visit it every year. Therefore, in resort areas it is allowed to rent a car and drive your own car and with a foreign license, but this rule applies only for six months. If you plan to travel all over Turkey, it is better to issue an international license so that there are no problems. In addition, they will be useful if an accident happens and you need to make insurance payments. International-style rights are issued differently in different countries, it is better to find out in your own country. What to do in a situation where a foreigner needs to stay in Turkey for more than six months? If you plan to drive your car in Turkey for more than six months, you will need to get a Turkish license. I note that in order to obtain rights in Turkey, it is necessary to have a residence permit. If you already have rights, then they can be replaced with Turkish ones, you need to prepare a package of documents and pay a state fee. If a foreigner did not have a driver's license at all, then he can study at one of the driving schools in Turkey. By the way, some of these educational institutions have translators from Turkish on staff. Exams involve passing the theory and practice of driving. In general, the procedure is not complicated, you can study in person or in absentia. Can a foreigner buy a car in Turkey? Yes, a foreign citizen can buy a car in Turkey, both new and buy it from someone from the locals. To buy a car, you will need a passport, a residence permit and a tax number. By the way, we help our customers in this matter, this is part of our after-sales service. You can contact us, we will help you choose a dealership and the car itself, and arrange all the documents. How does the system of punishment for traffic violations for foreigners work in Turkey? Just like for the locals. Foreigners are required to follow all the same rules on the roads as Turkish citizens. In case of violation of traffic regulations, exactly the same fines are imposed on foreigners. Moreover, if they are not paid, penalties are additionally charged for the amount of the fine. Therefore, the sooner the fine is paid, the better. I especially want to mention! If a foreigner decides to leave the territory of Turkey in his car, he is obliged to pay all his fines. Otherwise, the owner of the car will not be released abroad. Therefore, before leaving, it is better to check in advance with the Police Department whether there are any fines, so that there are no problems at customs. Also, a car with foreign license plates temporarily imported into the country cannot be sold or rented on the territory of Turkey. Let's talk about renting. What you need to know when renting a car in Turkey? There are many companies in Turkey that offer cars for rent, but it is better to contact large and trusted organizations. It is more profitable to take a car with diesel fuel, since gasoline is more expensive in Turkey. Also, it is important that a full insurance is issued for the car. And I strongly advise you to carefully read the lease agreement. The longer the lease, the less the daily payment will be. By the way, you can rent a car in one city, and then leave it in another. You should find out in advance whether the company where the car is rented has such a service.

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