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The cost of housing in Turkey

The cost of housing in Turkey is increasing from year to year and this is despite the fact that a huge amount of it is being built in the country. And those who want to have their own house or apartment in the republic should not postpone the purchase for a long time — the number of foreigners who want to buy housing here is also steadily growing. For example, by the end of the year it is planned to reach the figures of 40 thousand objects sold to foreigners. And every month, home sales are growing, on average, by 110%. But what if there is not enough money to buy, and you do not want to take a loan or mortgage? There is an excellent solution — to buy a house in shared ownership. Most often, this is what friends or relatives do. Or so parents buy apartments for their student children. Or, on the contrary, children from different families purchase cozy villas for several retired parents: it's more fun to live together and the purchase will cost much cheaper. The concept of "shared ownership" in real estate implies that an apartment, villa or penthouse has not one, but several owners, each of whom is the owner of a certain share of real estate. The advantages of buying into shared ownership: You can buy a house on any conditions. For example, one person can contribute 2 \ 3 of the cost of an apartment and, accordingly, own most of it. Owners can be 2, 3, 4 or more people. Separate documents will be issued for each of them. That is, legally you become the rightful owner of your own real estate in Turkey. At the same time, the buyer can sell part of his share, both to another owner of the share in this apartment, and to an outsider, moreover, without the consent of the other homeowners. Also, you can bequeath or lease your share. This is a significant savings on the purchase: to pay for an apartment, at least half less, while using all the advantages of living in Turkey, it is very profitable and convenient. It will reduce shared ownership and the cost of maintaining real estate. You will pay aidat, taxes, as well as make all other payments, only for the part that is officially yours. Shared ownership is undoubtedly a profitable and practical option for those who want to make money on real estate. If you buy a house in Turkey and rent it out, you can get good money. Passive income, of course, is divided into all owners, but it will still be a nice cash bonus to the main income item. Homes Turkey has experienced lawyers who will advise you on all issues of buying a home in Turkey in shared ownership. You will be able to choose the most comfortable option for yourself and make a good deal.

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