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Why is Turkey attractive to consumers and investors?

Why is Turkey attractive to consumers and investors?

We suggest first discussing why real estate in Turkey may be attractive to consumers or investors in general.

Young market
Modern Turkey, like its real estate market, is no more than 10 years old. Mass innovation and modernization are phenomena that became the norm only at the beginning of 2010.
Thanks to a competent domestic and foreign policy, an advantageous geographical location and the creation of an attractive investment climate, the local market was able to establish itself among the best in the world in a short time.
Turkey still has a long way to go in this regard, but the youth of the real estate market is a force that allows the country to actively develop opportunities and flexibly adapt to the requirements of an unstable market.

Good prices
As the market is late in the global race, real estate prices are more than affordable. You can buy a small house or a two-bedroom apartment for $62,331. This is an average price, and it can be found cheaper without loss of quality. This allows middle-class consumers to buy real estate without having to give loans.

The fast-growing real estate market required a large number of architects and engineers. They came to Turkey from all over the world and eventually created an incredible variety of objects in different configurations, styles and general design philosophy.

Affordable standard of living
The tax burden is quite modest. For example, you rarely exceed $9-10 per month for water consumption.
As a country at the crossroads of East and West, Turkey offers the best of both worlds when it comes to consumer opportunities. With the same success, you can buy high-quality goods both in shopping malls and in colorful local markets. The latter should be visited by the visitor at least once.
But not without disadvantages: fuel prices are quite high, on average about a dollar per liter.

Various areas for buying real estate
Turkey is a large country stretching from Europe to the Middle East. You can choose from a variety of areas: Istanbul, the western and eastern part; the southern and northern coast of Antalya; Urban residents for cities on the Aegean coast, etc
. For every taste, any terrain and any climate.

Long-term investment conditions
The property is very suitable for long-term investments with high payback. A number of market factors are suitable for this.
For example, you can refer to the already mentioned youth market
  in your favor. Construction is actively underway, the boundaries of the city are expanding quite quickly. So, if you have bought several cheap properties in the Moscow region, then in 5-10 years you will receive exceptionally profitable funds in the city, which is in great demand and at high prices.
Alternatively, you can bet on rising inflation that Turkey has entered a cycle in the face of current events in the global economy, as well as due to a pandemic. The higher the inflation, the higher the value of your home.

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