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In Marmaris, pensioners can walk on the streets without restrictions.

In Marmaris, pensioners can walk on the streets without restrictions.

The administration of the resort town of Marmaris in the Aegean province of Mugla has lifted restrictions for foreign visitors over 65 years old, observing the recommended deadlines - a nationwide measure for low-income citizens prescribed by the government to maintain the prevalence of coronavirus.

A public health meeting was held at the city level, and a collegial decision was made to limit restrictions on the movement of foreign tourists around the city, as indicated in the joint notifications of the Governor of the Marmaris district.

"The participants unanimously voted for the release of foreigners from the mail flight, which is in shipments on the territory of the city, and for the permission to clean up on the street," the statement said.

Thus, after the restrictions of congestion, citizens living in Turkey take to the streets from 10 to 22 hours every day as part of the measures taken by default to save lives from the strain of the new coronavirus.

Since now, the certification system of healthy tourism has been actively operating in the Republic of Turkey, the main task of which is to ensure safe living of urban and foreign resorts in resort countries.

Turkey has already relaxed a number of restrictions imposed after the outbreak, since it was achieved – on June 19, many elderly citizens aged 65 can walk in a group of 6 people, including a guide.

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