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Buying an apartment in Turkey

Contact our company if you need to buy an apartment in Turkey from a developer. Our experts will help you choose a property that fits into your budget. We work with both legal entities and individuals.
Main advantages
If you want to buy an apartment in Alanya (Turkey), you have made the right decision. Living in this country has the following advantages:
*     Favorable climate. An item that is especially relevant for those who are tired of the harsh Russian winters;
*      It is possible to buy an apartment in Turkey on the seashore because of good business opportunities. If you have the initial capital and a good business plan, then you can implement it here quickly enough. And all because the authorities of the described country are set up to support entrepreneurial activity. This is in the interests of the development of the state. Thus, without the help of officials, you obviously will not stay;
*     A large number of compatriots. It goes without saying that at first you will have problems communicating in Turkish. This is a rather complex language. While you are studying it, you will be able to communicate with other visitors from CIS countries. There are many Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, etc.;
*     Abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and meat. If you decide to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea, remember that there are many agricultural organizations (gardens, fields, greenhouses) that supply the domestic market with first-class products at low prices. By the way, meat is never frozen here;
*     An abundance of opportunities for sports. There are a huge number of various interest clubs in Alanya. Here you will find bike paths, fitness centers, gyms, etc. Many foreigners living in Turkey love jogging in the morning.
A competent choice of the area
If you decide to buy an apartment in Alanya, Turkey offers cheap luxury apartments. Our experts will help you choose the area. Let's list some of the most interesting options:
The center of Alanya is only 12 kilometers away. A few minutes by private car. Traveling by public transport is also ideal for you. There are many building plots and hotel complexes in the described area. A great option for those who want to buy a villa on the seashore.
The center of Alanya is 3 kilometers away. This suburb is developing rapidly. The authorities deliberately abandoned the skyscrapers. All buildings here are no higher than 5 floors. The main advantage is the abundance of shopping centers. If you are concerned about your children's education, then you will find 2 great private schools in the area. Foreigners are also enrolled in them.
20 kilometers from the center of Alanya. Suitable for those who are used to a quiet and serene life. The entertainment infrastructure is at the highest level. Many restaurants, cafes and bars. There is also a private polyclinic offering qualified medical care to anyone.

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