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Banks of the Republic of Turkey

In Turkey, more than 85% of the financial sector of the economy is occupied by the banking sector. Currently, there are 49 banks operating in the country, represented by thousands of branches. Almost all banks have ATMs with a modern system for withdrawing, depositing funds, as well as carrying out a number of other operations. At the same time, the Central Bank plays the main role in the Turkish banking system. It is the Central Bank that determines the key rates, supports and is responsible for the general state of the country's economy, regulates the foreign exchange market. By the way, the Central Bank has the right to request any information from any other banks operating in Turkey. Now there are three types of banks in Turkey, these are commercial, state and investment. The main ones, of course, are state-owned banks, but commercial banks are also very popular and in demand. They account for almost half of deposit accounts. Among the largest and most popular banks in Turkey, there are three that have the greatest influence. This is Akbank, a holding company, which has representative offices not only in Turkey, but also in other countries. FinansBank is a private bank, also very popular in Turkey, as well as Ziraat Bankası, which is the largest credit company in the country. Another of the largest Turkish banks is DenizBank, a subsidiary of Sberbank of the Russian Federation. Sberbank has now decided to sell Denizbank to Emirates NBD. It should be noted that almost 12 million people are clients of Denizbank in Turkey. There are banks of other countries in Turkey, for example, the American bank Citibank, the French Societe Generale, the German Deutsche Bank and a number of others. Now Asian countries are actively interested in Turkey, for example, Japan and China, which also want to open representative offices of their financial organizations in the country. Opening an account and bank cards Not only a citizen of the country, but also a foreigner can open an account in any bank in Turkey. With the help of a Turkish bank card, it is easy to make purchases, pay for utilities and receive a salary. It is also easy to withdraw money from an ATM, but keep in mind that a commission may be charged when withdrawing cash. Both an individual and a legal entity can open an account. In order to open a bank account, an individual must provide a Turkish TIN, an identity document (passport of a Turkish citizen or a foreign passport), as well as a document indicating the place of residence. The account, if all the documents are available, is opened immediately, but the receipt of a bank card will have to wait a few days. Mortgage Also, almost all Turkish banks can use the mortgage lending service. The rates in different banks vary, therefore, before entering into a contract, you need to study the banks' offers and choose the most profitable option. It should be noted that mortgage lending is also readily provided for foreign citizens. The package of documents must be certified and all documents must be translated into Turkish. A loan application is usually considered within a few days. If all the documents are in order, then a positive decision is made in most cases. In general, it can be noted that the Turkish banking system is quite reliable. The state tries to support banks, if necessary. Also, the Central Bank monitors credit rates, preventing their strong increase. In Turkey, for foreigners who want to open their bank account, take out a regular or mortgage loan, problems almost never arise. Financial organizations of the country create convenient conditions for citizens of other states, thereby increasing the number of their clients.

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