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Payment of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate in Turkey

There are several ways to pay for real estate purchase and sale transactions in Turkey. At the same time, the opportunities for citizens from different countries are different. However, now the payment options are so simplified that for residents of the post-Soviet countries, Europe, Asia and a number of others, it will not be difficult to pay for the purchase of housing. Moreover, the payment will entail almost no additional costs for the transfer of money or these costs will be minimal. There is a rule in Turkey — state authorities and banking structures are not interested in where a foreigner has a large amount of money to buy real estate. No one will ask to show supporting documents, ask how the money was earned, or inherited, or accumulated. No matter how much money is credited to a Turkish bank account from abroad or how much money you withdraw from your card at a Turkish ATM, no one will show interest in the origin of any amount. Another important point of payment for a purchase and sale transaction in Turkey is that the registration of real estate ownership and payment of the transaction must be carried out at the same time. In the Cadastral Office, when applying for documents for a new owner, it is necessary to present documents confirming that the payment for the property has been made. Only after that it will be possible to get a TAPU (the main document of the owner). Payment methods for the purchase and sale of real estate in Turkey 1 way. Cash. You can buy an apartment, a villa or a plot of land in the Republic of Turkey for cash. That is, to bring the necessary amount of money with you. The complexity of the method lies in the fact that it is possible to take away a lot of cash from many countries at once only if you confirm where this amount comes from (official income, sale of real estate in your country, inheritance, etc.). In addition, the amount over 10 thousand dollars will need to be declared at the border. If you decide to use this method, then our employees will definitely meet you in Turkey. Next, we help our clients open a bank account and put money on it, or put money in a bank safe deposit box. Method 2. Bank transfer. An even simpler way is to pay for the purchase and sale of real estate in Turkey by bank transfer. But with this option, the buyer must have money with him to pay the down payment. Cash or card. After the buyer has decided on the purchase, he can transfer money to the owner's account via Internet banking. Money can be transferred from your home country or while in Turkey. It is important that the amount was transferred on the day of paperwork, so it is worth checking in advance with your bank how quickly you can make a transfer of a large amount. In addition, a commission is usually charged for this service. As a rule, it does not exceed 0.5%, but it is better that the account has the necessary amount with some margin. You can clarify all these issues in your bank. Also, our company's employees will answer your questions regarding money transfers to the account of a law firm or an individual in Turkish banks. Method 3. Cash withdrawal from the card. If you can take out cash with you, without declaring, quite a bit, then take a card with you, on which any amount of money can be, no one will forbid you, and no one will require any documents from you. Therefore, this method of payment for the purchase and sale of real estate is one of the simplest and most popular. You can withdraw money from Turkish ATMs from a card that is linked to your foreign currency account in your country's bank. It is worth remembering that many banks have a daily limit on interest-free withdrawal of funds. The amount of the limit depends on the status of the client and the type of card: all this should be clarified in your bank before the trip. Therefore, usually buyers of real estate in Turkey withdraw money in installments within a few days, without commission. Or they withdraw one amount, but pay a certain percentage to the bank for it. The three above methods are the main ones that foreign citizens use when buying real estate in Turkey. All options are absolutely legal and legitimate.

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