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Payment for housing and communal services in Turkey

In any country of the world, including Turkey, property owners need to pay for housing and communal services. At the same time, it does not matter whether the homeowner is a Turkish citizen or a foreigner. The law is the same for everyone. That is, as soon as a foreigner has bought a property in Turkey, he is obliged to pay exactly the same services and the same amounts as the locals. Turkey has its own peculiarities of payment for housing and communal services. First of all, this is the payment of aidat. In Turkey, in particular, on the Antalya coast, there are very few houses standing alone. As a rule, developers build several buildings at once with a common infrastructure, which includes swimming pools, saunas, parking lots, playgrounds, etc. All this needs care and the order in the territory is monitored by the Management company. This is a professional organization that is a legal entity. She hires gardeners, elevator operators, security guards and other necessary staff. In turn, the management company is usually selected by the tenants themselves. Aydat: features The services of those who work on the territory of the complex and all public facilities on it are paid by the apartment owners themselves. Residents themselves pay for the maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools, lighting of playgrounds, security, maintaining order in fitness halls and saunas. This is a mandatory fee, which is called aidat. Aidat must be paid every month, but sometimes it is allowed to pay once every six months or a year - in advance. It is easier for foreign owners and the management company often meets them halfway in these matters. In some complexes, you can link the payment of the IDAT to the account and the money will be debited automatically. The amount of the IDAT is set at the general meeting of residents. That is, the management company prepares an estimate of expenses, which specifies exactly what and how much it costs. Then the amount is divided by all owners in the residential complex, depending on the area of the apartment. The budget can always be checked by the owners themselves or invite an independent person to check. An interpreter is allowed to be present at meetings, who will be able to explain to foreign owners what the contract is about. Meetings are held once a year, usually in the spring. At meetings, you can also raise the issue of adding some services, for example, the delivery of bread to the complex. Or, on the contrary, to refuse some services. By the way, you can even refuse the services of a management company and choose another one if the majority of owners support it. All this is solved collectively, together with the head of the management company. If less than half of the owners came to the meeting, then it is postponed for several weeks. If the necessary number of owners is not available for the second time, then voting and adoption of a new spending plan for the year is carried out by the forces of those present. By the way, if the owner cannot come to the meeting, he can write a power of attorney in free form for any resident of the complex. One person can leave up to nine powers of attorney and he will vote for everyone alone — this is a convenient option for those foreigners who cannot come to Turkey for the meeting. Payment of an IDAT is mandatory, even if the owner does not live in his apartment, for example, comes only for a few months a year. If the owner does not pay the IDAT, then the management company has the right to sue him and then he makes a decision - as a rule, these are serious fines. On average, if we talk about aidat on the Mediterranean coast, it is 25-40 euros per month. But if the complex has a large territory, there are several swimming pools, then the payment will be higher. Also, it depends on the set of services. For example, in some residential complexes, residents even install Internet in public places. Then, of course, the amount of aidat increases. Therefore, when buying a property, you need to clarify what the IDAT of the apartment will be. All the features that are accepted in the residential complex are prescribed in special rules. The charter of the residential complex Each residential complex has its own rules, which are called the "Charter of the residential complex". Its text is stored in the Cadastral Office. In this Charter, all the rules that will have to be observed in a particular complex are prescribed. For example, in some complexes it is forbidden to keep animals, in some - to glass balconies on the facades of buildings. All this is noted in the rules. Therefore, the Charter also needs to be asked by managers before buying real estate, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises later. These are the main points of rights and obligations of property owners in Turkey. Before buying an apartment, especially if it is located in a large residential complex, it is necessary to clarify questions about the IDAT and the charter.

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