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Health benefits of the marine climate and the sea in Turkey

Health benefits of the marine climate and the sea in Turkey

The advantages of Turkey's maritime climate are invaluable. When you come here, every traveler is immersed in the healing natural atmosphere - clean air filled with phytoncides and salts, hot sand, salt water, pebbles, proper nutrition, consisting mainly of organic fruits and vegetables, olive oil, seafood and much more.

The combination of these factors has a positive effect on the body, namely:
* saturation of tissues with oxygen;
* cleaning and processing;
* improved metabolism;
* normalization of the cardiovascular system (vascular tone, heart function, normalization of blood pressure);
* Reducing the level of bad cholesterol, etc.
A noticeable result that strengthens health can be achieved by staying at sea for 2-3 weeks.

Strengthening immunity and prevention of colds
Do you often have a sore throat, do you have sinusitis, do you have a runny nose? Go to Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea and see how your health improves immediately after your vacation. The benefits of seawater are obvious: its chemical composition creates conditions in which pathogenic bacteria and viruses cannot develop. Therefore, such liquids are used for the prevention and treatment of colds, inflammation of the throat, nose and ears.

Normalization of metabolism
The benefits of salt water are especially important for people with metabolic disorders. It contains not only salts and gases, but also many trace elements, including magnesium, chlorine, calcium, barium, iodine, chromium and others. Metabolism is normalized under the influence of water, which affects the quality of functioning of all organ systems.

Strengthening of the nervous system
Another advantage of the Mediterranean in Turkey is the restoration of the nervous system. Being on the shore, listening to the sounds of surfing, admiring the sunrises and sunsets, beautiful nature, we get positive emotions, calm down and fill our positive associations. At the same time, stress, overload, nervousness, anxiety and tension disappear. Today, unfortunately, such conditions for a modern person are not something unusual and a concomitant phenomenon of urbanization, acceleration of the pace of life, a permanent state of struggle for survival. Therefore, we recommend everyone, without exception, a short vacation by the sea.

Vitamin D
The favorable climate for health in Turkey also contributes to providing the body with the necessary nutrients. 360 sunny days a year in Turkish resorts serve as a kind of catalyst for launching the active process of vitamin D production. As you know, the condition for this is the presence of a sufficient amount of ultraviolet rays.
Vitamin D is involved in many metabolic processes, and its deficiency can lead to severe functional disorders, decreased immunity, disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

Benefits for the lungs
Everyone knows the benefits of salty air for the lungs. That is why it is so important not to neglect the rest at sea, but to inhale oxygen filled with natural phytoncides and salts. Pine forests grow on the Mediterranean coast of the Republic of Turkey and create a favorable concentration of phytoncides and an amazing aroma in the air.

Skin cleansing
Trace elements and salt in seawater cleanse and strengthen the skin. Therefore, Turkish resorts attract many foreign tourists suffering from dermatitis, eczema, acne and other dermatological problems.
The water and climate in Turkey as a whole have a noticeable rejuvenating effect, saturate with useful minerals and increase the elasticity of the skin. This contributes to the presence of stones on the shore. Smooth stones massage biologically active points on the feet and other parts of the body and improve the overall physical condition.
medicinal property
Have you noticed how quickly wounds and abrasions heal at seaside resorts? The high salinity of the water disinfects, triggers tissue regeneration processes and accelerates recovery.

Useful properties of sea water
It is difficult to overestimate the useful features of the Mediterranean. Its unique chemical composition and pH, similar in properties to the blood and intercellular fluid of the human body, improve the functioning of all internal systems. Bathing in cold water and warm sunbathing create the necessary contrast with vascular gymnastics, increase their elasticity and endurance.
Regular swimming is the best physical activity that involves all muscle groups.

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