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How to build a house in Alanya yourself?

How to build a house in Alanya yourself?

Many foreigners dream of having their own coastal town abroad, going on vacation or permanently living at a resort. Turkey is considered one of the most sought-after countries in this regard, and the number of owners of quality real estate coming from abroad is growing every year. It is not surprising, because here the Mediterranean climate, breathtaking nature, light traditions and the friendliness of the locals are combined.
In addition to buying panel houses, there are also investors who have decided to build their own house. If housing in new residential complexes, real estate on the secondary market does not meet all your needs due to the lack of individuality or other attractive features, then this article is for you. We will try to explain in detail to all our readers the features and stages of construction, plan how to build a house in Turkey, and also take into account any problems that a future owner may face.

Housing construction in Turkey - growing demand

When building a house in Alanya, regardless of the number of floors, it is necessary to take into account several features:
• Where exactly will the building be located?
• What is the landscape and soil condition on the construction site?
• The current situation on the sales market and the availability of an official construction permit.
Why do buyers prefer to build their own house instead of buying turnkey houses? There are several reasons for this.
Firstly, by creating a unique individual project, you can make your dream come true by choosing exactly the site and purpose, layout and design that the owner will like in every sense. The location of the house significantly affects the result of construction. The coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea still offer interesting opportunities for sale on the land market, so it will be possible to find land on which to build an ideal house by the sea.

However, this does not apply to cities such as Alanya, since most of the good building plots here have already been sold out. Builders often buy the land on which old buildings stand and demolish them to build new modern houses.

Secondly, the relatively low price of land in Turkey is another factor indirectly contributing to the construction of customs. Although this situation has been actively changing lately and there is less and less cheap land. If you compare with Spain or Italy, the construction costs in Turkey are much cheaper.

Thirdly, whatever you say, the demand for exclusive real estate in Turkey has always been and will be. Although such offers are a common waste, they will always find their buyers. This means that non-standard construction will be interesting to wealthy foreign investors and will allow them to realize their creative potential and creative approach in full accordance with the status of the owner.

And fourth, if there is demand, there are people who want to implement projects. This requires contacts with established developers who have repeatedly proved their competence in the construction of individual houses, not in words, but in deeds.

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