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What types of villas exist in Turkey?

What types of villas exist in Turkey?

Turkish villas are usually bought several times a year for recreation or permanent residence.
This category of real estate is divided into two large groups
* Individual villas.
* Villas in residential complexes.
Individual villas are buildings that are located at a certain distance from each other and are not connected to each other. This means that such coatings can be attributed to objects that are almost completely isolated from the outside world.
Houses in residential complexes are also located on separate plots (usually smaller), but unlike cottages, they are united by a common territory and infrastructure. In a modern complex of villas, the developer offers outdoor and indoor pools, children's and sports grounds, barbecue areas, relaxation, swimming pool, hammam, spa, fitness and other facilities.
An important point: the residential complex of villas is under round-the-clock security with video surveillance, and the common area is fenced. Of course, it will be quite difficult for foreigners to get into such a complex, which will significantly increase your safety and the safety of your family.

Useful information!
Buying a villa in Turkey, the owner acquires not only the house, but also the land under it. This means that the land also becomes your legal property.
It should be noted that within the residential complex, all property owners must pay monthly for the maintenance of public buildings or TAPU. The amount is paid by each owner, regardless of whether a person lives in the villa or comes several times a year. The cost of TAPU for villa owners averages about 100 euros per month, depending on the stage of development of the residential complex and its infrastructure. The maintenance of a family home is more expensive - about 150-200 euros / month.

Popular places to buy a Turkish villa
The elite segment of Turkish real estate is in demand in several regions of the country. The most popular cities in Turkey where foreign investors and Turks buy their own villas are Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Kemer and Fethiye. In the real estate market of these places, buyers can find a wide selection of high-quality modern villas at the best prices.

Fethiye, Bodrum and Kemer
These resort areas of the Republic of Turkey differ from others by a ban on the construction of multi-storey buildings and a permit for the construction of low-rise buildings. Thus, there is a wide selection of beautiful villas near or far from the coast. For example, villas in Fethiye may even have private access to the beach or charming, unobstructed sea views.
Seaside villas in Fethiye, Bodrum and Kemeri are combined into residential complexes. Thanks to this, residents can manage them much easier and cheaper. If you want to buy a family home, no problem. However, mostly such structures are located at some distance from the shore.
The owners of an elite house usually use it several times a year for recreation or constantly stay in it during their holidays. In winter, the villas are empty or rented.

Alanya and Antalya
Alanya and Antalya are among the most popular Turkish resorts and annually attract thousands of buyers from all over the world who want to buy not only liquid real estate, but also a "second home" by the sea.
The market for holiday homes is very diverse. Since the construction of multi-storey residential buildings is allowed here, this is an important part of the proposals for comfortable living. Such a choice of construction companies is quite justified. It is much more profitable for a developer to build a large residential complex by the sea than more villas with their own adjacent territory.

Villas in Alanya and Antalya are mostly located a little further from the coast. At first glance, this arrangement seems to be a significant drawback. However, it is not necessary to draw any conclusions. Such villas are usually combined into modern residential complexes with their own diverse infrastructure, and if desired, you can stay on their territory for a long time without needing anything. In addition, in some cases, the management company itself organizes transport from the residential complex to the sea, so a trip to the beach will not be difficult. Another advantage is clean air and spectacular views of the sea and mountains.

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