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"It's time to invest in Turkey," the Italian businessman believes

"It's time to invest in Turkey," the Italian businessman believes

"Now is the best time to invest in Turkey, as this country offers unlimited benefits and resources," said the president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.

According to Livia Manzini, the Turkish economy offers many promising opportunities for Italian entrepreneurs.

"Italian investments in Turkey have not been significant recently, but we decided to increase the pace and scale of cooperation. Mutually beneficial cooperation is much more important in the current situation, and Italian-Turkish trade will continue rapidly in 2020," he said.

According to Livia Manzini, Turkey and Italy are the two main Mediterranean countries, and trade between the two countries is growing every year, with the exception of 2019.

According to the head of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the volume of bilateral trade cooperation between the two great powers is about $ 20 billion, but this amount does not correspond to the real potential of the countries and may reach $ 40 billion in the near future. period. a decade.

The trade balance between Turkey and Italy.

Livio Manzini considers Italy the third export destination for the Turkish Republic and the fifth supplier.

"We have balanced trade relations in almost all spheres and directions," he said, stressing that not a single Italian businessman has left Turkey, despite recent economic difficulties.

As for inflation in Turkey, Manzini said that the reduction in rates from 25% to 10% is an excellent indicator, and this trend has every chance of continuing.

He also stressed that the idea of "zero total amount" and "if you lose, I win" is a mistake that anyone can lose. According to him, international trade is an area that has always contributed to the creation of good capital, and if governments understand this, they can pursue a completely different policy.

"Global Business Relations offers a wide range of products at lower prices. However, trade wars are often innovative," he warned.

In fact, Turkey has increased exports and imports with strategically important partner countries in recent years. The Republic of the South has become interesting for many countries due to the active development of all areas of activity, improving the quality of products, continuous development and innovation. More and more foreign citizens, I understand this positive trend, are becoming buyers of liquid real estate - elite, cheap, secondary, which indicates good prospects in the near future.

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