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Russian Quarter in Alanya

Russian Quarter in Alanya

Turkey has Russian quarters in different parts of this great country. Antalya is considered one of the most famous places where Russian-speaking citizens live. In our article we want to introduce you to the life of Russians in the Mediterranean resort of Alanya in Antalya province, as in recent years this seaside town has become increasingly popular among foreign buyers of real estate.
Today's Russian community cannot be compared with Antalya, but there are already areas in this city where thousands of citizens from CIS countries live. People who connect and influence each other greatly facilitate the process of adapting to life in a new country.

Among the Russians in Alanya there are those who have worked here for a long time as makeup artists, hairdressers, builders, as well as merchants, officials, managers and representatives of other professions. There are also a lot of pensioners in Alanya who moved here to live forever in a warm climate under the sun by the sea.
The city's infrastructure for Russian-speaking foreigners is developing more and more every year. This is especially true for educational institutions for children - kindergartens and schools. Russian Russian program, everyone can already study in Russian, while the design of schools and the professionalism of teachers, according to the residents themselves, are at a high level.
Which areas of Alanya are popular with Russians?
These are mainly resorts such as Kargicak, Oba, Konakli, Avsallar and Mahmutlar. Let's consider the main features of these areas of Alanya.


It is located next to Mahmutlar, on its eastern side. This is an interesting area of square meters for all investors, since residential buildings are located on the slopes of the mountains. Literally every apartment or villa offers a breathtaking view of the coast and mountains. Residential complexes are distinguished by a diverse infrastructure for living and recreation: residents have swimming pools, recreation areas, SPA, hammam, fitness studios.


Next to the residential areas chosen by both Russians is a large shopping center and a furniture store. In addition, there are many cozy cafes and restaurants on the streets of the district, comfortable sandy beaches and a beautiful embankment.
In general, most residents are also foreigners, and houses are built only for them, not for locals. In some cases, Russian buyers will find out when entering a new apartment that their neighbors are also Russian, but for the most part they are still Europeans. Many Turks working in the service sector speak English and Russian fluently.


Konakli is one of the central districts of Alanya, where business life flourishes. The streets are dotted with shops, kiosks, local souvenir shops, shopping malls and clothing stores.
The majority of the population works in the tourism sector. The people here are friendly, open and always ready to help strangers. The village of Konakli is generally very well maintained and suitable for living. It's nice to walk and relax in one of the cafes, shop and immerse yourself in a relaxed and harmonious Mediterranean atmosphere.


The meeting is another part of Alanya, where Russian speakers speak the most of all the winners. The resort is very beautiful and has a wide view. There are also shops in the Avsallar shopping center and the central bazaar, restaurants and cafes, discos and nightclubs. Most of the coast is sandy, like a small beach. Guests also have a wide range of SPA services - thalassotherapy, Turkish hairdresser, massage and much more.


Mahmutlar is the most popular swimming pool in Alanya in Russia. A few years later, it is a small interesting village, which is a modern complex with new residential complexes and houses.
According to Alanya, health and social environment are among the most important rules. This includes:
* Dependent climatic conditions. Mahmutlar in Alanya covers the warm region of Turkey and Europe. At the same time, the temperature in a comfortable room is very good - a warm summer vacation provides a pleasant season in autumn and a warm winter. Spring is fresh, delicious and organic, fruits and other products.
* Favorable prices for apartments. At the same time, high-quality housing in primary schools as a secondary market can help each other form a full-fledged budget. In addition, the project contractors will provide mortgage and prepayment services.
* There are no problems with communicating in different languages. In the Mahmutlar store you will not have to buy Russian products, but also a lot of Russian-speaking agents for entertainment and fun. In addition, they will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.
In Mahmutlar there is a large shopping and entertainment center located in a small area on a small territory. Modern urban infrastructure is also ideal for comfortable living: supermarkets and non-food stores, pharmacies and clinics, cafes and restaurants, public transport and much more.
So Russians live in Turkey perfectly and carefree.

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