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A new real estate law comes into force in Turkey

A new real estate law comes into force in Turkey on September 15. The essence of the innovation is to simplify the procedure for registration of ownership of real estate. Sellers and buyers will no longer need to be present at the State Registration and Cadastre Offices at the same time. It will be possible to formalize the ownership right from anywhere in Turkey and even abroad. The statement of the Main Department of State Registration and Cadastre reads as follows: "According to the amendments made to the first part of Article 26 of the Law "On Registration of Property Rights", it is now possible to formalize contracts for the purpose of transferring property rights when the parties are in different registration and cadastre offices, or abroad. In this case, the will of the parties is confirmed by official officials separately, after which the transaction under the contract is completed." Note that the innovation came into force on January 1, 2020. The project was new and required a number of improvements. Now the Main Department of State Registration and Cadastre of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development has prepared an appropriate legislative framework. The main thing is the benefit for people On January 17, 2020, the Department of the Registration Department of the Main Department of Registration and Cadastre initiated a pilot project concerning the registration of property rights when citizens are in different departments of the department, or abroad. To begin with, the procedures were carried out in the registration offices in Umraniyya, Chankaya, Kepez and a number of other local administrations. Also, it was possible to register real estate at the representative office of the Turkish cadastral office in Berlin. Later, the geography was expanded and it became possible to issue documents in 26 more Turkish administrations. People, being in different cities and provinces of Turkey, could draw up documents on the transaction with maximum convenience for themselves. They did not have to come to a certain Cadastral Office at a certain time, interrupt their business, spend money on travel and accommodation. The first transaction has already taken place During the epidemic of coronavirus infection, the innovation became especially relevant and performed an important function from the point of view of health protection. The procedure for transferring ownership of real estate to citizens who could not leave their homes and leave their city took place without any delays. Thanks to the new procedure, on April 22, by teleconference with the mediation of the Registration and Cadastre offices of Germany and Turkey, a Turkish citizen located in Germany was able to arrange the sale of real estate in Konya. To do this, he applied to the registration and cadastre office of the Consulate General in Berlin. This transaction was the first purchase and sale transaction when one of the parties was in Europe and the other in Turkey, while the property itself was in Turkey. From the beginning of the year to the present, 352 transactions have already been successfully executed, the parties of which were in different registration offices in Turkey or in different countries. It is worth noting that such a law is the first of its kind in Turkey. Since the pilot project was successfully completed and the innovation received great support and approval from citizens, it was decided to introduce a new law throughout Turkey, in all registration and cadastre offices.

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