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Real estate prices on the real estate market in Antalya have increased

Real estate prices on the real estate market in Antalya have increased

The Republic of Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to buy vacation real estate.
Therefore, it is clear that the price per square meter of country houses will continue to grow.

According to official statistics, the following provinces of Turkey recorded the largest increase in value in July:
* Antalya - the price per square meter increased by 30.67%;
* Sanliurfa - real estate prices increased by 28.88%;
* Gazintep - 24.17%.

A fragment of data shows that the top ten provinces where real estate has become the most expensive also include regions such as Konya, Adana, Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli and Ankara.

Housing prices in Turkey increased by an average of 19.5% in the second summer month, and the price level per square meter of living space approached 2,514 lira (290 euros).

Why have property prices in Antalya and resorts in this province increased more than in other regions of the Turkish Republic? The reason, of course, is simple - Antalya has been a world-famous tourist destination and a place for foreigners for several years. The highest social, demographic and economic parameters are combined here, which makes Antalya province, of course, one of the most developed regions of the country.

It is worth noting that in Antalya for 4 years there has been a systematic increase in real estate prices. In 2020, growth reached a record 30.67%. Thus, the average price per square meter in Antalya is now about 2825 Turkish lira. You can buy an apartment for 40,000 euros (about 350,000 lira). Investments in buying an apartment in Antalya will pay off in about 17 years.

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