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Antalya city - entertainment for every taste

Antalya city - entertainment for every taste

Antalya, which is called a tourist paradise— is a city that foreigners often choose as a permanent place of residence. Antalya is known for its beautiful beaches, first-class resorts on the Mediterranean coast, good climatic conditions and the absence of sudden seasonal changes.
Other benefits of living in Antalya:
* Excellent transport accessibility. Thanks to the international airport, you can get to the city from almost any country.
* Built infrastructure. Antalya is a big city with many shops and shopping and entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and discos. In addition to relaxing on sandy beaches, there is something to do here. The city has several large water parks, a zoo, an amusement park, museums and ancient archaeological sites. Every year the city hosts various festivals and exhibitions, including international ones. That is why foreigners who love vivid impressions and cheerful silence come to this southern city. The city also has its own educational institutions, including universities.
* Beautiful beaches, most of which are free. The pebble beach is located in the Konyaalti area, sandy in the Lara or Kundu area.
* Welfare. It is relatively easy to register your business in Antalya, as well as find a good job for foreign citizens, since the region's economy is constantly developing. The locals are very open and friendly to visitors. In addition, life in the city is quite cheap and comfortable.
* Excellent balance between the advantages of the city and the resort. With all the advantages of life, you can get to the coast very quickly, since there are almost never traffic jams in the city.
* Large Russian-speaking diaspora. You and your children have someone to talk to and make friends with.
* The local real estate market offers foreign investors a wide range of residential and commercial real estate. At a very reasonable price, you can buy a villa by the sea in Antalya or a spacious apartment in a modern condominium.

According to the disadvantages, it is generally appropriate to compare Alanya and Antalya. For example, the cost of gasoline, some food, alcohol, cigarettes, electricity bills. For some foreigners, the lack of abrupt seasonal changes seems to be a minus, since they are used to living in a harsh continental climate with snowy winters, golden autumn and blooming spring. Summer in Antalya is humid, the thermometer often reaches +40 degrees Celsius or more.

Which city should I choose to live in Turkey? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because this country is so beautiful and unique in all its manifestations. Focus on personal preferences and trading goals.
Regardless of your choice, it will help you choose and buy liquid real estate in Turkey.

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