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Russian Quarter in Turkey

Russian Quarter in Turkey

Buying real estate and housing in Turkey is currently very popular among foreigners. Every year thousands of Europeans, residents of the CIS and the Middle East come to the resort country in search of high-quality and comfortable housing. Russian-speaking foreigners especially liked the Republic of Turkey and Russians. Russian Russian diaspora can be said to have developed in some cities over the past few years, in some areas of Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya, the Russian language is heard at every step, Russian-speaking sellers work in shops and cafes, company names use familiar words.

Where Russians live in Turkey - statistics, living conditions

First, it is necessary to state some official facts. According to statistics, it is relatively difficult to determine how many Russians live in Turkey. Private sources say that this is about 500,000 people, but it is difficult to say how much this figure corresponds to reality. Nevertheless, the number of purchases of real estate from foreigners is growing every year and many are moving to the southern country.
Women over the age of 30 most often move to the Republic of Turkey because they pretend to be Turks who appreciate the beauty, wisdom and kindness of our compatriots. Russian-speaking representatives of the strong half of humanity most often travel with their families to Turkish resorts.

From the point of view of employment, Russians are engaged in tourism and entertainment, because hotels always need good animators, service personnel and dance groups. Those who have already sung in order to master the Turkish language are accepted to other higher-paying positions, and some start their own profitable business.
Russians are also attracted to Turkey by the developed housing and communal services sector. At a lower price, the quality of services meets all European standards. This applies not only to cleaning of premises, water supply, food, but also to maintenance in all areas, be it electricians, locksmiths, installation of air conditioners, maintenance in beauty salons and much more.
Many buyers from post-Soviet countries are wondering: where is it better for Russians to live in Turkey? The choice of a place depends on the personal preferences of each foreign citizen. However, statistics show that most of our compatriots have settled in Istanbul and Alanya.
In our article, we propose to understand in more detail how Russians live in Turkey for permanent residence, especially in Istanbul and Alanya.

Russian Quarter in Istanbul

One of the most popular Russian-speaking citizens is the Laleli district of Istanbul. Geographically, it belongs to the Fatih district of the European part of the metropolis. The hotel is located between Aksapai Square and Beyazit. Fatih is quite large, there are many shops and markets.

The name Laleli is very poetic, as it comes from the Turkish word "lale" or "tulip". Perhaps because it is very close to the famous central Sultanahmet Square with a deep historical past and many cultural monuments. There are beautiful parks where hundreds of colorful tulips grow in spring. Laleli County is notable not only for its rich history, but also for its beautiful local architecture. Laleli is even considered the heart of Russian Istanbul.

The store in Laleli is excellent, and sellers literally sell their goods on the streets of the city all day. According to eyewitnesses, it is quite difficult to feel like a guest here for a long time, since most sellers speak Russian, and some signs in shops and restaurants have translations. The local markets offer a large selection of goods: souvenirs, outerwear made of leather and fur, bags, purses, belts and other accessories at different prices for all ages wholesale and retail. In general, this is all that you can imagine.

It is worth noting that the largest bazaar in the world Kapalı arsı is located in the Laleli district in Istanbul. Kapala Charshi Market covers an area of about 200,000 square meters. There are about 5,000 shops with various goods on its territory. As you know, Kapaly Charshi has a rich historical past, as the year of its foundation is estimated at 1461, and since then everything has been focused on meeting the needs of the customer.
In addition to business premises in Laleli there are many cafes and restaurants serving dishes not only Turkish, but also Russian cuisine.

There are many small and large hotels in Laleli, which are often rented by foreigners to see the most unique sights of Istanbul. In addition, the city government has really prepared a successful and very convenient transshipment point for public transport - metro, taxi, tram, buses.
Of the attractions of the Laleli district of Istanbul, we definitely recommend visiting:
* Laleli Mosque, built in 1763 with a fountain and beautiful ancient architecture.
* Ataturk Boulevard.
* The Sultan's current mosque.
* Aksaray market area.
* The graves of Sultan Mustafa, Sultan Selim.
* A unique temple from the Byzantine monastery of Bodrum Kamii.
* The Martian pillar or, as it is also called, the stone of the Virgin Mary, on which the statue of the goddess Niki stood in ancient times.
* Remains of the church of St. Polycleta.
* Merit Antique Hotel with unique architecture in Istanbul.
* Large shopping malls and an indoor bazaar.

Of course, Laleli is not the only district of Istanbul where Russian citizens prefer to buy and live in real estate. In addition to the Russian region itself, venerable Besiktas, elite Beyoglu, picturesque Saryer on the shore of the Bosphorus, Fatih, the oldest quarter of Istanbul Kadekey, cheap Beylikduzu are popular.

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