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Documents for buying a car in Turkey

Documents for buying a car in Turkey

The sale of cars in Turkey is allowed to foreigners and residents of the country. Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Uzbeks and citizens of other powers can easily own their own cars.

To buy a new car in Turkey, a person from abroad needs to collect several documents
* Passport and a copy.
* Residence permit.
* The tax number was obtained in Turkey.

If you do not have a Turkish VAT number, you can quickly get it from the regional tax inspectorate.

After the purchase, you must report to the traffic police at the time set by the institution. Here you need to sign a number of mandatory documents, according to which a car with pre-prepared license plates will be transferred. This means that the car can be used not only by the direct owner, but also by close relatives. Foreigners are usually assigned a special number with the letter "M" (MA, MB, MS), which indicates the status of the guest driver.

Payment is made with "live" bills or a bank card. Registration of the contract is not provided, only the full list is signed. In most cases, motor liability insurance is already included in the final price, and you can also arrange comprehensive insurance yourself.

Buying a used car in Turkey

Buying a used car in Turkey for foreign citizens is characterized by a more complex purchase process. The search for such a car takes place mainly on the Internet. When choosing, the seller and the buyer must sign the contract of sale and notarize it.

To conclude a contract for the purchase of a car, you will need:
* Passport and copy.
* passport with translation and certification.
* Residence permit.
* The tax number was obtained in Turkey.
* Payment for the work of a state translator.

It is possible to pay directly at the notary. An employee of the company transfers the paper to the new owner, who can directly contact the traffic police for numbers, insure himself and request all the necessary documents. This means that in this case, the owner will have to perform all the actions himself.

Import of your own car to Turkey for foreigners

Yes, as in any other country, you can bring your cars here. However, you should know that if you keep it here permanently, you will have to make some monetary contributions. These are import duties, which amount to 100% of the market value of the car, as well as customs clearance. If this does not happen, you can travel by car for about 2 years (until the expiration of your residence permit), if you are insured and you have a green card. Special conditions for the import of cars apply to pensioners and students of Turkish universities.

Driving Tips in Turkey

Firstly, in Turkey, not only a foreign owner can drive a car, but also his family members. Other surviving relatives need to issue a notarized power of attorney. If the owner is a Turk, any citizen can drive his car with a driver's license and a certificate of registration.

Secondly, if you have an international driver's license, you can drive here for about six months. Therefore, determine in advance the duration of your stay and, if necessary, get a Turkish driver's license.

Documents are required to obtain a driver's license in Turkey:
* Original driver's license and notarized translation;
* passport (copy + original)
* Residence permit;
* medical certificate and certificate with a certain blood type;
* Declaration of Good Faith in Turkey;
* Photos (4 pcs.).

An application is submitted, fingerprints are taken and the state fee is paid, after which the process of obtaining a local driver's license begins. The registration process takes 4-12 months.

Among other things, it is worth mentioning the strange behavior of Turkish drivers on the road, who sometimes do not turn off, stop in the wrong places and even overtake a red light.

Nevertheless, the roads in Turkey are of excellent quality, many signs and signs have been built to facilitate navigation for drivers. Some provinces have toll roads. Gas stations are clean, with high-quality fuel and service at a high level. In some cases, the staff will do everything for you and even pamper you with free coffee or tea. Car washes, supermarkets, cafes, shelves with car cosmetics and souvenirs complement the service at the gas station.

The rules of the road are almost the same as in the CIS countries.

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