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Alanya - the pearl of Turkey: advantages of living, attractions

Thousands of Russians want to buy an apartment in Turkey from a developer today. And this is not surprising, because living in this country has always been associated with comfort and a warm climate.
If you decide to buy an apartment in Alanya (Turkey), remember that this resort town is located in Antalya province. The main plus is the Mediterranean coast within walking distance. There are many sandy beaches, cinemas and shopping malls.
Buying an apartment in Turkey on the seashore is quite simple. The most important thing is to turn to professionals. You can find out about all the details concerning transactions of this kind on our website.
In the meantime, let 's list the main advantages of the described area:
·     Nearby are the Toros Mountains. A great option for those who dream of long walks, implying contemplation of majestic mountain landscapes. On average, there are about 800-900 meters from the sea to the mountains;
*     You also need to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea because many foreigners live here. You will definitely not be alone. Basic knowledge of English will allow you to quickly make friends from France, England, Spain, Russia, etc.;
·      A large number of hotels (3,4,5 stars);
*     Continuous development of infrastructure. There are no problems with hospitals, public transport and roads here;
*     Bright oriental bazaars with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables;
*     Supermarkets, cafes and restaurants;
*     Rich nightlife.
You can buy an apartment cheap in Alanya (Turkey) with the help of real estate specialists. When you search for housing on your own, you can make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help.
As for the sights of this wonderful place, here, first of all, it is necessary to highlight the following:
Alanya Fortress
This outpost was built back in 1231. The walls of the fortress are perfectly preserved, largely due to the fact that the authorities carefully monitor the condition of architectural monuments. Nearby you will find the Red Tower. The most interesting museums are located inside. Do not forget also about the ancient marina.
If desired, you can arrange a walk through the numerous caves. The main "star" in the cave kingdom here is the famous Damlatash, which was discovered in 1948. Inside there are stalactites, striking the imagination with their beauty. Scientists claim that their age is about 15 thousand years.
Dim Chai Valley
The main advantage is the beauty of the landscapes. Here, at any time of the year, you can arrange picnics and gatherings with friends. There are many pleasant and inexpensive cafes nearby. From the center of Alanya to the described valley is only 6 kilometers. If there is no private car, you can easily get there by taxi or bus. The local reservoir, built in 2008, provided the townspeople with fresh water and electricity.

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