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A historical record has been set for the sale of real estate

In 2019, a historical record was set in Turkey for the sale of real estate to foreign citizens — more than 45 thousand objects were sold! Sales growth continues with the onset of 2020. Foreigners choose Turkey for a variety of reasons, the main of which are low real estate prices, climate (long beach season), environmental conditions, high quality construction and convenient flight. In the new year, in general, the procedure for acquiring real estate in Turkey for foreign citizens remained almost the same as in 2019.
Stages of purchase
1. We decide on the budget and the object. To begin with, it is necessary to determine exactly what kind of property in Turkey you would like to purchase. The easiest way is to make a list for yourself with the points in which you should take into account the proximity to the sea, the floor, the area of the apartment or villa, the infrastructure of the residential complex and all that are fundamental aspects for you. Then you need to decide on the budget. How much money are you counting on? This can be determined at least approximately, in Turkey you can buy real estate on credit or in installments. Nevertheless, it will be easier if you know exactly what the total amount of the purchase will be. And only after that it is worth starting to study real estate sites. When choosing a real estate company, contact only trusted agencies with extensive experience, with a large catalog of real estate! Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous realtors in the Turkish real estate market. Especially now, when housing in Turkey is so popular with foreigners.
2. After an object or several objects have been selected, you need to contact the agency managers and find out all the details about housing. By the way, some agencies, for example, Homes turkey, offer free study tours for their clients. That is, you can fly to Alanya, see all the selected objects in person and then decide on your choice. It is very convenient, reliable and does not commit to anything. We do not ask our clients to sign any documents during the tour.
3. After the object is selected, you will need to fly to Turkey. Personal presence at the conclusion of the purchase and sale transaction is mandatory! The contract is drawn up in two languages, in Turkish and in the buyer's native language. Be careful when studying it! Read everything several times and be sure to clarify everything that is not clear.
4. After signing the contract, you will need to issue a TAPU. This is the main document of the owner in Turkey, it is there that all the parameters of your property are prescribed and your right to own it is confirmed. The document is received at the State Cadastral Office. The whole transaction, including getting TAPU, will take only a few days. Foreigners only need a passport and money to buy real estate. Of course, provided that the property is not bought on credit. That is, the purchase process itself is as simple as possible. The main thing is to choose a reliable agency that will become your guide in the world of Turkish real estate. Taxes Taxes on the purchase of real estate in Turkey in 2020 are divided into two types: regular and one-time. One-time payments A one-time tax is a tax on TAPU registration. It is paid once and amounts to 4% of the cadastral value of the property. Another one-time payment appeared last year. A new rule has come into force in Turkey: now all objects that are sold to foreigners undergo a special state examination. The expert evaluates the condition, all parameters and the real value of the object. This is done in order to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers. On average, the cost of the assessment is 1200 Turkish lira. Real estate valuation takes only a few days. Annual taxes Every year, homeowners in Turkey pay a property tax. 0.1-0.2% of the value of residential real estate and land plots without a building permit. 0.2-0.4% of the value of commercial real estate 0.3-0.6% of the value of land plots with a building permit, the percentage differs depending on the territory and type of housing. In big cities it is bigger, also, and you will have to pay more for elite class housing. Another expense item: DASC insurance. This is state insurance, paid by all property owners annually throughout the country. DASK (Dogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu) is insurance of residential and commercial real estate in Turkey against natural disasters, for example, earthquakes. In Turkey, this type of insurance is from 15 to 150 euros, depending on the region.

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