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Which apartment to choose: in the primary or secondary market of Alanya?

Which apartment to choose: on the primary or secondary market of Alanya?

The real estate market of Alanya offers investors a wide range of real estate: residential apartments, villas with private gardens and sea views, luxury penthouses and condominiums, comfortable family and residential houses. Suitable options for the buyer can be found in almost all areas of Alanya.

Resort costs vary. We offer both inexpensive houses and inexpensive apartments with the possibility of purchase at the beginning of construction, as well as cottages with designer renovation and well-groomed environment. Developers in Alanya build quickly and efficiently, so there is no doubt about the quality of new housing and without risk.

Most new homes are being built on the first, second and third coasts, depending on the area. "Resale" is usually offered for sale in central, long-built-up and populated areas where there are practically no vacancies. Sometimes there are items with a very low cost. In this case, the buyer should be extremely attentive and understand the reasons for the price drop. The best solution is to contact a brokerage office, which will check all documents for real estate, the presence of debits, debts and loans before buying.
An apartment in Alanya in a new building will cost the investor 45-55 thousand euros and above. The cost of small houses starts from 100 thousand euros, villas - from 150 thousand and above on the secondary and primary market.

Life in the primary and secondary market has its advantages.
Advantages of new housing:
* Investors' apartments are very popular with foreign buyers. Construction companies rent out real estate with repairs or "turnkey". In the first case, the owner only needs to equip the apartment with furniture and appliances, and in the second, you can immediately call and live.
* New real estate is usually located in landscaped areas by the sea. For many buyers, it is very important that there is a beach nearby.
* If you buy an apartment in a new building at the excavation stage, you will save about 30% of the purchase price of the finished apartment. This is an excellent investment that gives a quick and tangible income.
* Buying an apartment at the beginning of construction allows the future owner to coordinate the color scheme and the choice of materials for interior decoration and reconstruction.
* All developers in Alanya, without exception, are ready to offer customers convenient purchase models. For example, interest-free installments for the entire construction period.
* Many project developers provide a variety of infrastructure in the residential complex and are ready to help with all issues related to comfortable living in the house.
Buying a house on the secondary market of Alanya gives the following advantages:
* Optimal costs.
* Things on the secondary market in Alanya can legally be considered "secondary" because they have an owner. You are really buying a new apartment.
* No risk: buy the last item that you will see with your own eyes and see all the pros and cons.
There is no clear answer to the question of where it is better to choose real estate in Alanya - on the secondary or primary market. It all depends on your goals and the current situation. In Alanya you will find real estate with the best value for money. A simple and transparent purchase process will allow you to become a happy owner of a resort on the Mediterranean coast in a matter of days.
Our specialists in the person of they provide support at all stages of real estate purchase and a wide range of after-sales services. Call us, we will help you.

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