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Buying a car in Turkey

Buying a car in Turkey

Today, buying real estate in Turkey is cheaper for foreigners than ever. Every year many families move to the resort to live there permanently. When furnishing an apartment or a house by the sea, of course, the question arises about buying your own vehicle, because only with your own car you can ensure complete freedom of movement and maximum comfort. However, before buying a car in Turkey, it is necessary to clarify all the nuances of the choice, purchase, registration procedure and related costs for registration and maintenance of the car.

If you have enough free resources, you can buy a car in Turkey. It is worth noting that car prices are quite high here, as are luxury taxes, VAT and shipping costs. In addition to these costs, there are road tolls, insurance, maintenance and inspections that result in an extremely high amount per year. However, there are many citizens who, despite the waste, still choose a car and have comfort and freedom of movement. What are the buyer's options? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Where to buy a car in Turkey?

As in any other developed country, there are many opportunities to buy cars in the Republic of Turkey. Main purchase options:
1. Buy a used car in Turkey. You will find a large selection on the Turkish car markets or on local Internet portals.
2. Buy a duty-free car through TAXFREE. In this case, the transport prices are much lower than the market. However, the owner cannot sell it either on the basis of a power of attorney or sell it to citizens of the Turkish state. The service is available only to foreigners who have a work visa or a residence permit in Turkey.
3. In the exhibition space of the official dealer's company. The service is acceptable for customers with a limited budget and allows you to use a quality car. Representatives of the majority of world-famous manufacturers are open in the country, so it will not be difficult to choose a suitable model for yourself. Although the necessary equipment or type of vehicle is currently unavailable due to its characteristics, it will be delivered to the store in just a month.
4. At a regular car dealership. New and used cars are presented here. After the purchase, the buyer can drive the car, check for errors and unpaid fines.

Car prices in Turkey

It will not be possible to buy a car in Turkey cheaper than in other European countries. Their prices have risen sharply recently. In addition to the cost of the car itself, other mandatory payments must be taken into account.

So, as we wrote at the beginning of the article, there are two types of taxes: luxury tax and VAT. For example, the VAT rate in Turkey will be 18% of the price of passenger cars, and the luxury tax will depend on the engine power. For an engine of less than 2 liters, the luxury tax is 80% of the cost of the car, and for a volume of more than 2 liters, you have to pay 130% of the amount for the car.

The car owner must pay for travel twice a year (on average about 800 liras), insurance (about 600 liras), paid technical inspection (1-2 inspections per year) and the amount of emissions. Payment of annual contributions is possible on the Internet, it is allowed to divide the payment into two parts.

There are many gas stations in popular cities of Turkey, where experienced professionals work. All errors can be detected and corrected. So, as in the CIS countries, it will be cheaper at private service stations than at official service centers.

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