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Buying Turkish apartments in installments is a sure way to save money

Buying Turkish apartments in installments is a sure way to save money

Living in Turkey and having a square meter in one of the resorts is the dream of many foreign citizens. Thanks to the developed banking sector and various financing models, it is now possible to own a Turkish apartment, even without having the necessary amount at hand.

There are two options for this in the Republic of Turkey
* Mortgage loan;
* Installments for developers.

Now we will consider the topic: "How to buy an apartment in Turkey, if you want it to be both beautiful and cheap."

Buying square meters in the Republic of Turkey in installments is a popular option used by many foreign buyers. Thanks to many years of experience, the whole process has been designed in such a way that the client gets the expected result in the shortest possible time.

According to statistics, about half of all real estate in the country is sold under this program, and most often we are talking about buying an apartment in installments in a new building.

The advantages are obvious: after putting the complex into operation, the investor must pay only a very small part of the total contract amount. In addition, investments in early construction provide savings of up to 30%, and the price increases with each new floor.

Unlike a loan, the amount is paid in installments, but without additional interest. You can find such an option at any popular resort in Turkey, as the construction companies themselves are interested in such a program due to the fact that they have a constant influx of "live" funds and make sure that most of the apartments are already there. the complex is not available.

Installment terms vary depending on the developer. They can range from six months to 5 years. The earlier you invest in construction, the more chances you have for a favorable payment term. However, often the future owner receives a TAPA after paying the full amount, in some cases - after paying 60% of the cost of housing, but taking into account the cost of sale or other actions.

Let's look at the advantages of installment payment:
1. Simple design and accessibility for most foreigners.
2. The possibility of installment payment in Turkey by the promoter of the project without collateral.
3. Convenient payment plan.
4. Negotiate all the conditions separately with the developer.

So, if you want to buy cheap resort real estate in installments or in installments and do not know how to find residential complexes under construction in Turkey, contact our company. We select for you the best options of apartments on sunny beach in Alanya on favorable terms.

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