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Opportunities for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Foreign citizens now have many opportunities to obtain Turkish citizenship. The simplest and fastest option, although it requires certain costs, is investment. By investing money in the country's economy or buying real estate in Turkey, you can get a Turkish passport as soon as possible. Also, Turkish citizenship can be obtained in other ways. Read more about it here. New Turkish citizens are entitled to all the rights that indigenous Turkish citizens have. But also, certain obligations will be imposed on them. In particular, it is mandatory to pay taxes exactly the same as the indigenous people of the country pay in Turkey. Service in the army - provided that the foreign citizen has not served in his country and has reached the 18th birthday. Recall that now the service life in the Turkish army has been reduced to 6 months. It can also be reduced by paying 31 thousand Turkish lira. Then you can undergo military training within a month. The rights and opportunities that the Turkish passport gives Social benefits. Having received a passport of a Turkish citizen, a foreigner can enjoy all the benefits, social benefits and payments that the indigenous people of Turkey do. Insurance. Also, a foreigner will be able to receive state medical insurance and use medical services in full and on favorable terms. Preservation of citizenship. In Turkey, according to the law, dual citizenship is allowed. That is, you can get a Turkish passport and, at the same time, keep your country's passport. However, not all countries have the same conditions. In a number of states, dual citizenship is prohibited and if a person wants to become a citizen of another state, he will have to give up the passport of his historical homeland. This issue needs to be clarified in the Foreign Ministry of your country. Visiting other countries. A Turkish passport allows you to visit 110 countries of the world without a visa. It should be noted that last year there were 102 such countries. That is, every year Turkey is establishing international relations and there are more and more countries where Turkish citizens can visit without visas. Work. It is much easier to get a job in Turkey with a Turkish passport, wages will be higher, as well as social security. The main bonus. A Turkish passport is an opportunity to fully live in a prosperous country with a developing economy. In a country that is becoming increasingly important on the international market, where you can easily open your own business, buy any real estate. In Turkey, the country of the four seas, with a huge number of resort towns, a magnificent climate and ecology, living is simple and convenient. And it is also profitable to live in the status of a citizen of the country.

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