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What do I need to get Turkish citizenship?

What you need to get Turkish citizenship

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It not only plays a leading role in the tourism sector, but also plays an important role in politics and actively develops its economy. Being a partner of the Republic of Turkey and maintaining economic, political and social relations with it is prestigious and important for many countries today.

The natural result of effective state measures to improve the standard of living, security and welfare of the country is an increase in the number of foreigners applying for Turkish citizenship. The number of issued Turkish passports is increasing every year, mainly due to the loyal migration policy. However, it is important to respect and strictly follow the rules of this area, since attempts to circumvent the law are somehow connected with the loss of the right to one day become a full citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
In recent years, the ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship have become easier, and opportunities in this area have expanded. Therefore, in our article we propose to discuss an important and important topic on how to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreigners is a legal basis

A few years ago, the main applicants for a Turkish passport were foreigners who married Turks, as well as citizens who decided to move to Turkey with naturalization and stay there. Together, these two groups made up about 70% of all applicants. However, the situation has already changed and almost half of the applicants are buyers of residential and commercial real estate, investors in the Turkish economy, people who have decided to organize their business in the country.

Until 2017, the Turkish government did not offer any incentives to grant citizenship to individuals who invested in the country's economy. But back in 2018, Turkish President Erdogan signed a law allowing foreign owners of square meters and investors to obtain the right to Turkish citizenship. The downside of this news was the obstacles to issuing a new passport. 
For example, the minimum investment limit for the purchase of housing was $ 1 million, the limit of investments in business - from $ 2 million. As a result, the innovation did not bring the desired results - the number of people willing to invest in Turkish citizenship did not significantly increase.
Based on practical experience and statistics, the government made the following decision, which significantly reduced the barrier for investors to obtain citizenship.

According to the amendments to the law, you can apply for an investment to obtain Turkish citizenship in the following cases:
* When a foreigner invests $500,000 in the state economy. Statistics show that this investment option is very popular among foreigners investing in the construction of factories, factories and production facilities within the country.
* Buy a property for $250,000.
* If personal property is at least $500,000. deposited to a deposit account in a Turkish bank, but not withdrawn by the owner for three years.
* Purchase of securities worth $500,000 or more.
* Creation of a company in the country that will provide jobs for 50 Turkish citizens.
There are other legitimate, less popular investment options, each with its own advantages and features. It is also worth mentioning that the law on the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreigners is constantly changing, simplifying and expanding the rules for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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