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The legislative side of the problem of independent construction

The legislative side of the problem of independent construction

How do I get a permit to build my own square meters in the Republic of Turkey?

Experts explain: when choosing a plot, you should first check whether it is divided into zones. If this procedure has already been carried out by local officials responsible for land use planning, this means that you can obtain a permit to build a property on the desired land. In the absence of zoning and, therefore, without a permit, all objects on the territory are illegal, and the owner cannot get a ISKAN.

Another important aspect after the completion of construction is the submission of an architectural project to the specialized department of the city council, in which the property is located, to obtain a permit for the construction of the building. It is important to know that each region of the Republic of Turkey has its own conditions and rules of zones. If the construction plan meets these conditions, you can expect confirmation and confirmation. The release period is usually three to five weeks.

Compliance of the construction plan with the planned conditions is taken care of by a competent Turkish architect involved in the project. We recommend that you take the choice of a candidate as responsibly as possible.

The construction permit is valid for two years. This means that upon receipt, the construction of the house must begin at the end of this period, otherwise the official document will become invalid.

Foreign citizens should be aware that, in accordance with Turkish law, they can submit an architectural project for evaluation within two years after the purchase of the land. Thus, the state protects itself from downtime of liquid territories purchased by foreigners, when they can simply stand empty for a long time.

An important point: if we talk about the resort regions of the country, including in Alanya, then all construction work can be carried out only from the end of October to mid-May. The rest of the time there is a break due to the tourist season and a large crowd of tourists. At the moment, internal repair and finishing works, internal equipment, plumbing, etc. are allowed, that is, any activity that does not interfere with others.
After the completion of the construction work, the owner informs the municipality about this, whose employees come to you personally to check whether the house complies with the rules set out in the permit, as well as to inspect the place, whether they have been violated. If the municipality decides in favor of the owner, if no violations are detected, an ISKAN certificate or a residence permit is issued, the details of which are indicated in the document confirming the ownership of the house and the house.

Stages of construction

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic standard stages of construction that take place throughout the entire process of building your home in Turkey.

1 - Purchase of land and registration of real estate
You can buy land and issue documents in two ways: independently or ask for help from a real estate agent. We recommend paying attention to the second method, since in practice it turns out to be much more profitable, faster and safer.
The specialists of the real estate agency know all the nuances of the local market and legislation and can offer you the most suitable property in accordance with your basic wishes. In some cases, the customer can count on real exclusivity, that is, on options that are not in the catalogs on their website.
Now that you have chosen the land, you can safely buy it, and all risks are eliminated.

2 - Preparation of an architectural and design project
As soon as the property becomes the property of the buyer, it is usually time to start working with architects and designers. Their search and selection is a responsible matter, since these professionals must have a rich and successful work experience, good recommendations and the ability to listen and understand the client.
The result of such interaction: more opportunities for architectural and design solutions and design projects. Modern technologies allow you to depict all this in 3D, where the object is presented from different angles, and you can see in detail how your house will look in Turkey, from lighting to landscape and pool.

3 - Select the supplier and sign the contract
You must understand that you are in another country. If you want to find reliable builders to build a house in Alanya, you will most likely need the help of third parties - people interested in this direction. The construction contract defines all aspects related to the construction period, contractual penalties on both sides, payment terms, the size and type of extensions, construction materials and other legal nuances that fully protect the client.

4 - Obtaining a construction permit
Upon completion of the project, the certified architect will submit the documents to the local administrative authority specializing in issuing construction permits. The period for issuing a permit is about 1 month.

5 - Construction
As described above, you can build your house in the resort area of Turkey seven months a year. Therefore, the best time to get a permit and start construction is the end of October, when the active holiday season ends.
It should be noted that the indicator of high-quality housing construction in Turkey is:
* The foundation and insulation of the house are made according to modern technologies and requirements. Thus, the house is reliably protected from heat in summer and from moisture in winter.
* Installation of non-removable load-bearing elements.

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