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Why life in Istanbul is prestigious and good

Why life in Istanbul is prestigious and good

* Istanbul is considered the center of economic activity, through which huge financial flows flow. Megapolis unites entrepreneurs, business owners and investors from all sectors of the economy. Thus, the city is suitable for owners of large companies wishing to enter the international market. Promising Istanbul is also an advantage for real estate investors, especially since the flow of tourists here does not stop all year round. Istanbul is very easy to get to from any country.
* The city is located on two shores of the Bosphorus - Asian and European. It combines ancient traditions and monuments with modern trends and creates its own, completely unique taste.
* High-quality education and medical care will impress pensioners and students. The former can count on a peaceful life in old age, and the latter - for the future. By the way, there are several Russian schools in Istanbul where the children of foreigners who immigrated from Russian-speaking countries are well educated and can learn the national language.
* Excellent urban infrastructure allows you to enjoy all the benefits of civilization. Yes, in Istanbul, as in any other metropolis, there is nothing special with congestion. Nevertheless, the urban transport system, interchanges are well thought out, the roads are very good. Everything is here for life - from large shopping malls and shops to pharmacies, first-class hospitals, cafes and landscaped parks and squares.
* Delicious, high-quality and cheap food. In Istanbul you will find everything at a relatively low price. Cafes and restaurants will delight every gourmet with a large selection of high-quality dishes of national and international cuisine.
* Fun. No wonder there is something to do and have fun in the metropolis literally every day: discos, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, festivals, exhibitions and concerts - all this and much more suits residents and guests of the city.
* The atmosphere and people in Istanbul are exceptional. People are very friendly and sociable (which, of course, not everyone likes), ready to help. When we talk about the atmosphere, many foreigners talk about Istanbul like this: it is a city that you will fall in love with, despite the noise and rhythm of life. If you have been here before, you will definitely want to come back here.
* Real estate. Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a very good investment. Thanks to active tourism during the year, you can receive good dividends by renting apartments and using resale. When choosing an area to buy real estate, it is important to pay attention to the expected return on investment.

In addition to the advantages, this place has disadvantages. And most importantly, now is the right time. Yes, exactly how much time you spend on the way to work and back, shopping or traveling in nature. Long distances and big traffic jams are the price of living in the most visited city in the world. Even between rush hours, the sidewalks are crowded.

Another disadvantage is the beaches. So there are practically no urban beaches, and they are of poor quality. But good beaches are a few hours away from the metropolis and are mostly paid. In general, they cannot be compared with the picturesque, clean and cozy coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

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