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Is it profitable to buy cheap apartments in Alanya?

Is it profitable to buy cheap apartments in Alanya?

Profitable Turkish houses with minimal risk are houses in resort regions. Buying an apartment in Alanya promises not only optimal costs, but also high liquidity. Why? There are several objective reasons for this.

Alanya itself is an ideal resort, generously caressed by the sun. Summer does not stop here almost all year round, the sea is warm and clean, the Mediterranean climate has a positive effect on health and the immune system, and fresh, delicious and at the same time cheap fruits and vegetables are available all year round. Regardless of the purpose of buying a cheap apartment in Alanya (rent, accommodation), with the right approach, there will always be demand for it.

If you want to buy an apartment abroad profitably, you need to take into account such an important fact as transport links. In Alanya, this is not a problem, because you can travel from all the major cities of Turkey - Istanbul, Ankara, etc. In addition, Gazipash has an international airport located just 25 km from the city, where some flights arrive from abroad. The system of internal transport communication between the cities has been established - buses, taxis, dolmushi.

Public infrastructure in Alanya is well developed. All conditions for recreation and permanent residence are created here. There are educational institutions in the city, including universities, private schools, kindergartens with instruction in Turkish, Russian, English, hospitals and pharmacies, restaurants, shops, shopping centers, water parks, landscaped beaches awarded with the "Blue Flag" and much more. things.

If you buy a cheap apartment in Alanya in a good area, you will be able to rent it out and receive a stable income. Apartments are especially popular during outdoor activities, but you can also rent apartments for a long time all year round. It is important to understand that by law individuals are not allowed to rent apartments in Turkey, but it can be entrusted to a good real estate agency.

The real estate market in Turkey is stable and reliable, prices and demand from foreign investors have been growing for many years. If we compare all of the above factors, we can safely say that buying a property at a good price is a profitable purchase. Despite the low cost, Turkish real estate is very liquid. This means that such an investment guarantees a safe investment in your future.

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