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Accommodation in Alanya: discos, clubs, bars, restaurants

Alanya is a resort town where tens of thousands of foreigners always rest. However, many visitors here are interested not only in recreation. Foreign citizens are happy to purchase houses and villas. If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey from a developer, then there will be no problems with the choice of options. Hundreds of new square meters of housing are built here every year.
In this article we will tell you about what kind of entertainment the described city offers. Believe me, you won't die of boredom here. Leisure in Alanya is very diverse.
Night clubs
Do you dream of buying an apartment in Alanya (Turkey)? At the same time, are you still young and want to lead a nocturnal lifestyle? In this case, start getting acquainted with the numerous nightclubs.
First of all, it is necessary to allocate an institution called "Auditorium". From the center of Alanya to this place is only 6 kilometers. The largest club in the city has launched a special flight for vacationers and locals. Your task is to find a bus with the inscription "Auditorium Disco".
If your goal is to buy an apartment in Turkey on the seashore, and you love discos, then you can also pay attention to the Robin Hood club. Here you will find:
*     Big dance floor;
*     Snacks;
*     Alcoholic beverages;
*     Interesting design design;
*     Hawaiian style parties;
*    Discos to the rhythms of Latin.
Restaurants, cafes and bars
Not only young people dream of buying an apartment in Turkey by the sea today. There are a lot of couples aged among those who want to. That is why it would be right to explore vacation spots for older people.
One of the best restaurants in the described city is an institution called Red Tower. There are 6 floors at once. Moreover, there is an opportunity for casual communication in a fairly spacious garden among fruit trees. You can admire the seascapes on a special terrace. If you are used to "hanging out" until the morning, then remember that there is a 24-hour bar. In the menu you can find stewed lamb, juicy steaks, sashimi, rolls, etc. The emphasis is on local dishes, however, there are also oriental delights.
The Red Tower is a real find for those who love beer. The restaurant has a brewery. The product that she gives out is praised even by the Belgians, famous beer gourmets.
If you are planning to buy an apartment in Alanya, Turkey offers a lot of interesting apartments on a cheap basis. The most important thing is to choose proven realtors! Experts will tell you which places to relax are best visited.
For example, if you like haute cuisine, then you will definitely be recommended the Dinner restaurant. In summer, you can relax right on the street here - special canopies are installed. The menu combines Turkish and the best European cuisine. By the way, this institution is very fond of young couples. The waiters have many suggestions for organizing a truly romantic dinner.

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