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Cheap real estate in Turkey - what should you pay attention to?

Cheap real estate in Turkey - what should you pay attention to?
They believe that cheap real estate in Turkey is available when a seller or real estate agent deliberately understates the initial cost of an apartment in order to attract a buyer and indicate more expensive options upon arrival in the country. Even when selling housing, there are options whose condition leaves much to be desired, is located in a remote area or has some nuances according to ownership documents.

However, such cases are rare in the real estate market and in cooperation with professional real estate companies, you can offer several proven ways to buy cheap and high-quality housing. What offers should be considered if you want to buy a good apartment with an optimal value?

Ways to buy cheap real estate in Turkey:
* Purchase from a developer
Is it worth buying a new house under construction in Alanya? Yes, of course, if we are talking about a reliable developer.
Development companies welcome investments in construction, even at the excavation stage. The earlier your capital is invested, the lower the price per square meter will be (up to 30% savings compared to the total cost). An additional bonus is the ability to customize the layout and layout according to your needs.
As you know, Turkish builders build well, quickly and efficiently. Therefore, investing in cheap housing under construction in popular regions of the Turkish Republic is a pleasure for many foreigners.

* Selection of real estate in developing areas.
When choosing an option, we recommend that you study in advance where the cheapest real estate in Turkey is located and what it refers to. In resorts such as Alanya, one of the factors influencing market prices is often the level of infrastructure development. If this is a new area that has been actively built up not so long ago, you can be sure that you are buying relatively cheap real estate. At the same time, far-sighted buyers know that in a few years, given the active pace of development and improvement of new neighborhoods, the same apartment will literally be much more expensive.
The price per square meter is affected by the territorial location - the greater the distance from the sea, the cheaper the property. The exception is comfortable houses on the slopes of the mountains with beautiful views of the sea and mountains.

* Shop with discounts and bonuses
Another way to buy cheap real estate in Alanya and other cities of Turkey is discounts and bonuses from developers. They can offer competitive prices to advertise the new complex to their potential customers or to sell the last apartment in the house. The only caveat is the short-term nature of such attractive offers, which means that you need to beware of brokers or turn to them. In some cases, developers can offer after-sales service, including repair or purchase of furniture, household appliances as a gift or with good discounts.

* Secondary market, emergency sales
Remember the offers on the secondary market. Sometimes the owners, for some reason, are ready to sell their apartment cheaply, while getting the buyer not only an affordable price (10-15% lower than the market price), but also an acceptable condition, an interesting finish and a good location. If this option suits you, the right solution is to cooperate with brokerage companies that inform their clients in a timely manner. Usually, to buy and sell, you need to download the entire amount at once.

• Purchase in installments
A good way to buy cheap real estate in Alanya is to pay in installments in a construction company. An interest-free installment plan is applied, the term of which may vary depending on the conditions of the developer of the project. Another option is a mortgage loan from one of the Turkish banks. We recommend that you carefully consider the conditions, interest rates, deposit amount and other nuances.

* Purchase with partial repair
The more the decoration of the apartment, the more expensive the cost per square meter. In the case of turnkey real estate, the price naturally rises. For the most popular resorts in Turkey, buying an apartment with unfinished repairs is a rarity. The apartments are rented almost completely residential, and the new owner can only fill the room with furniture, appliances, air conditioning, textiles and decoration.

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