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When is the best time to look for an apartment?

When is the best time to look for an apartment?

Rent. If you are looking for an apartment to rent, no matter when, the rental is clearly seasonal. Only in high season there are significantly fewer offers for long-term rentals, since even in summer the owners do not bother to rent an apartment for a shorter period at a higher price.

Purchase of real estate. I recommend buying an apartment in winter, when it's already wet and raining outside. And all because some apartments are problematic, namely neglected, blooming (mold), not cleaned for living space, and so on.

Our recommendations

Apartments on the middle floor facing south are always more expensive than other options. The lowest and highest covered floors are always cheaper! The fact, however, is that there is moisture on the lower floors, insects will fly away from the garden. On the upper floors, people suffer both in winter and in summer. In winter, almost many apartments have a roof on the floor. In the cold season, how and with what to insulate the apartment, it is still cold because of poor waterproofing. The heat consumption is high, but the heat goes outside! During the hot summer months, residents of the upper floors suffer from the heat, as the roof heats up even more. Air conditioners don't help!!!

From my own experience

In Alanya we lived in an apartment on the middle floor. In winter, the apartment was more or less warm, there was no wind anywhere. But moisture and mold appeared on the walls. During earthquakes, significant fluctuations were observed - 4.5 points.

In Antalya we live in a two-storey apartment (maisonette, 2 + 1) on the ground floor. That is, the kitchen is a combined living room, + a bathroom is on the ground floor, and the other 2 rooms are in the basement. To be honest, we really like the apartment. It's wonderful!!! And I'm not talking about the dressing room, 3 bathrooms, gas heating, smart home system, modern renovation, etc. The fact is that in winter, when it's cold outside, the apartment has gas heating, the houses are warm and cozy. When it rains, the apartment is not flooded. In summer, when it's hot, it's cold in the basement, and the ventilation of the room creates drafts. Well, it's hot to cook in the living room during the day, and I don't go there very often. About the cons: insects arrive, but on our site (condominium) they occasionally poison insects, so there are no special problems. We don't feel at home during an earthquake, even though the last earthquake was 4.8 points! We have a new house, no one lived in our apartment in front of us. The walls are thick, the insulation is good. The heat won't go away. If possible, choose a new home.

But I can say that not all ground floors are the same. A lot depends on the geolocation and the age of the house. For example, in the neighborhoods of Antalya, Estuary, Persimmon, Sarysu - the tide in winter is good, albeit short, but still. These areas are quite low and do not tolerate rain runoff! In Gyurs, Altynkum, Kushkavia, Undzhaly, Uluche, this is usually not a problem!

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