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You can buy real estate in Turkey immediately for a full payment, on credit or in installments. Full calculation. The entire amount is transferred to the seller at once. As a rule, with this method of payment, various bonus programs, discounts, etc. operate. Mortgage loan. In Turkey, foreign citizens can buy real estate in 2020 by taking a mortgage from a Turkish bank. Banks rarely refuse foreigners, so it will not be difficult to take out such a loan. A mortgage loan is usually given for a period of 5 years or more. The initial payment is 40-50% of the estimated cost of housing. The assessment of housing is carried out by the bank itself. To get a loan, you need to collect a package of documents, we told you more about this here. It should be noted that it is quite profitable to take out a loan now: in Turkey, many banks have reduced interest rates. We will help you choose the bank with the most suitable conditions and arrange all the documents. Installments. As a rule, this payment option is offered when buying real estate at the construction stage. That is, the buyer pays a certain amount of down payment, usually 40-60% of the cost of the object. The buyer pays the remaining amount within a certain time in equal parts. Installments are offered interest-free. It is usually given for a period of one year or more. It is possible to purchase a real estate object in installments and already in a ready-made residential complex.

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