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Turkey, a country rich in a variety of unusual and beautiful things

Turkey is a country rich in a variety of unusual and beautiful things. There are a lot of amazing items and food that tourists definitely want to take with them. Foreigners can take most of them out of the country. But there are also a number of restrictions and prohibitions. In order not to have problems at customs, we will tell you what and how it is possible or impossible to export outside the Republic of Turkey. Items prohibited for export from Turkey: 1. Antique items. These include all products older than half a century, including national costumes and antique household items. 2. Stones. This is a special point that is worth paying attention to. The fact is that in Turkey, a country with a rich historical past, any pebble picked up on the beach can turn out to be a valuable artifact. Therefore, customs officers carefully check the suitcases of foreigners so that something of historical value does not "float away" abroad. For an attempt to export such from the country, lengthy proceedings, thousands of fines and even criminal punishment follow. Therefore, in no case do not try to bring stones, shells and other objects found during excursions or on beaches across the border. 3. Carpets. Turkey is famous for its carpets, but only those that are not more than a hundred years old can be exported from the country. All the others are considered antiques. 4. Antique coins. Any. Made of any metal and of any age. 5. Fossils, natural fragments, corals, wood parts. But! If any of these items were purchased at a souvenir shop and you have a receipt, as well as a certificate from the museum that the item is not of historical value, then you will be able to pick up the product. Therefore, the main rule for all tourists buying the above products: be sure to keep all the documents from purchases! Items that can be exported with restrictions: 1. Medicines containing narcotic substances (only subject to special permission) 2. Exotic plants and animals (only subject to special permission) 3. Jewelry worth more than 15 thousand dollars (keep receipts) 4. Hookah tobacco (keep receipts) — up to 2 kg in weight 5. Alcohol should not exceed 5 liters and be packaged, a maximum of 12 bottles 6. The total weight of food exported from Turkey should not exceed 5 kilograms 7. Souvenirs worth more than $ 1,000 are strictly prohibited from being exported from Turkey: 1. Narcotic substances 2. Stabbing, cutting, firearms, cold, in general, any weapon At all, you should not try to somehow break the law and "save". Everything that is subject to declaration, it is better to declare immediately. Be sure to save the receipts. In Turkey, customs officers act quite harshly and there may be problems. But they can be understood: there are a lot of things in the country that are of historical value not even in Turkish, but on a global scale. Also, it is worth considering the rules of your country — in different states there are different laws regulating the import of items and products from abroad.

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