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TAPU registration for an apartment in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey can be considered property only if a TAPU is issued for it. TAPU is a special document that confirms the ownership of any real estate object in the Republic of Turkey. According to Turkish law, TAPU is received in the Cadastral Office by both local citizens of the country and foreigners when registering ownership of any real estate. The TAPU contains all the information about the property, as well as about its owner. The document comes in two colors, red and blue. Red is issued for residential and commercial real estate, blue - for land plots. Since Cadastral offices are official, state authorities, only they are authorized to consolidate the right of ownership of real estate in Turkey by issuing a TAPU. No one can formalize the ownership of real estate without Cadastral Management. A number of documents are required to obtain a TAPU. Usually the package is prepared by a real estate agency, taking into account all legal aspects. You will have to pay for getting a TAPU. Currently, the cost of registration of this important document is 4% of the cadastral value of real estate. The state fee is paid once, upon receipt of the document. TAPU is issued in Turkish. Starting from September 15, 2020, you can register real estate in Turkey remotely. The rule also applies to foreign buyers of real estate. The buyer and the seller may be in different Cadastral Offices at the time of the transaction. At the same time, it is important that they are present in the offices at the same time. Consent to the transaction is confirmed by video or voice communication. Note that it is impossible to be in different departments within the same province. The rule only works if the buyer and seller are located in different provinces of the country, or the buyer is abroad. Getting a TAPU takes a minimum of time. Now the process has been debugged to automatism and it is possible to take ownership of real estate not only remotely, but also very quickly. If the TAPU is lost, it is also restored quickly, for this you should contact the Cadastral Office.

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