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Why is real estate in Alanya not cheap?

Why is real estate in Alanya not cheap?

Alanya, a Mediterranean resort on the Turkish Riviera. In 2020, the city became a record holder for the growth of housing prices in Turkey, while the average price per square meter of living space increased by more than 85%. According to experts, the main reasons for the price increase are the active and successfully developing economy of the Republic of Turkey and the high interest of foreign investors in Turkish real estate.

In addition, housing prices in Turkey do not depend on the tourist season, as some buyers believe, but on economic reasons, such as:
* Exchange rates;
* mortgage interest;
* political situation.
Many of our investors are wondering: why is real estate in Alanya not getting cheaper? Will its cost decrease?
We have prepared detailed answers to these questions for you. We understand this to the smallest detail!

Demand for real estate during construction
As you know, demand creates supply. It is no longer a secret that Turkish builders are among the best in the world.
Developers from Alanya build not only qualitatively, using modern materials and the latest technologies, but also quickly. Thus, in just a year, a small house of 5-6 floors will be built in Alanya. The deadline for the completion of a large residential complex is a maximum of 2.5 years. Many years of experience shows that among the developers of Alanya there is no concept of "unfinished real estate" or "annoying construction", which some investors from the CIS are so afraid of. Such benefits will definitely affect the demand of foreigners from all over the world.
An important and very important fact: buying an apartment in Alanya at the initial stages of construction, that is, at the construction stage, you can save a lot. Since real estate under construction in Turkey is gradually becoming more expensive, the price increase after the start of operation of the finished house will be about 30%. Resale of an apartment is an excellent investment property with a short-term profit.
Property prices in Alanya are expected to continue to rise during and after the pandemic, as the shortage of new homes and apartments under construction is likely to persist over the next two years. These data confirm all industry indicators.

Active development
Construction work in Alanya is progressing very quickly, especially in recent years. Naturally, there will be less free space at the resort. The price of liquid land is growing, as is the cost per square meter of real estate.
The foothills and slopes of the Taurus Mountains are already actively developing. Therefore, in a few years it will be very difficult to purchase real estate on the first and second coasts. We recommend that you think about buying a property in Alanya today.

Investments in real estate in Alanya pay off
Investments in real estate in Alanya are profitable for several objective reasons. The first thing that potential buyers will pay attention to is, of course, beautiful marine nature and ecology, favorable climate, low cost of living, fresh high-quality fruits and vegetables all year round and a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, modern resort apartments are distinguished by an excellent layout, pleasant design, high-quality finishes and large viewing terraces. And this is only part of the guaranteed benefits when buying an apartment in Alanya.

A private apartment in one of the best Mediterranean resorts in Turkey is a great investment opportunity. There are several effective ways to invest capital:
* Purchase of a residential house in popular resort areas for sublease. When buying, you should take care of it and inform the specialists of the real estate company about the desire to rent an apartment. Immediately after the purchase, your property becomes literally a passive source of income, and the real estate agency professionally manages your property. Rental income is about 3-15% per year.
* Purchase of an apartment for the duration of excavation work in a complex under construction. Developers in Alanya offer profitable purchase models, including interest-free installments for the entire construction period. After the completion of construction work, it is possible to resell the apartment profitably. With the right choice of apartment, the profit from resale will be at least 20-25%.
* Purchase of apartments in hotel complexes. Guaranteed profit is calculated for a maximum of 3 years. After this period, the amount of profit may vary depending on the profitability of the company.

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