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How much does living in Turkey cost?

How much does living in Turkey cost?

Much attention is paid to agriculture in the country. Therefore, vegetables and fruits are much cheaper here than in Russia. Especially in shops "for locals" and in bazaars. Oranges at a price of 40-50 rubles per kilogram or 1.5-2 times more expensive than strawberries will surprise everyone. And melons - watermelons and melons - are sold for almost nothing. A dozen eggs will cost 50-80 rubles, a five-liter jar of olive oil - 200-250 rubles, a standard package for 100 grams of coffee - 30-40 rubles.

Counter in Turkey
By the way, the translation of the local lira into rubles is very convenient - it is enough to multiply the prices on the shelves by 10.

But milk and dairy products are expensive by local standards. Although in comparison with Russian prices it is quite appropriate. A kilogram of local cheese can be bought for 500-700 rubles, elite varieties rarely exceed the level of 1000-1200 rubles, and domestic cheese on the market, like Georgian suluguni, is sold for 350-400 rubles.

Due to the cultural and religious characteristics of the country, alcohol prices are high. Turks drink a little. And expensive alcohol is intended primarily for foreigners. Many of our compatriots consider this a serious disadvantage. Therefore, when planning a move to Turkey, keep in mind that the tradition of "Friday beer" will greatly affect your wallet, and strong alcohol is not only expensive, but also unsatisfactory in quality.

Due to the developed tourism industry in the country, food in cafes and restaurants is expensive. Although national fast food in a tent on the street or coffee and cake in a cafe is quite affordable for most locals.
Chef cooks doner kebab in Turkey.
Meat-eaters in Turkey are not easy: there is no pork here, chicken gets bored quickly, and beef is expensive.

At other prices, cheap clothes and shoes are comparable to the prices of Russian real estate, but with very favorable electricity bills.

The price of gasoline here is comparable to the Russian one, at the current price AI-95 costs 52 rubles. Public transport, Internet and mobile communications are not cheap. According to Russians who have become locals, the last 5-7 years have lagged behind the modern level of the Internet and mobile communications in the Russian Federation. But public transport deserves praise: the most remote mountain villages are easily accessible by air-conditioned bus.

Average housing prices are difficult to determine. In Turkey, they are completely different. As in principle with us. For the attraction "Odnushka" in Antalya, by the sea, it can cost 3.5 million rubles.

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