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Turkey offers a huge number of residential and commercial properties for foreign buyers

Turkey offers a huge number of residential and commercial properties for foreign buyers. Apartments, villas, penthouses, offices, hotels, land - almost everything can be purchased in the country by foreign citizens, with the exception of objects of historical value and objects located in strategically important territories. One of the main advantages of buying real estate in Turkey is that the country's authorities do not require proof of income from foreigners. It does not matter at all whether the money is earned, accumulated, inherited — no one will ask for any documents. In 2019, foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey for cash, in installments or on mortgage terms. You can purchase objects both in houses under construction and already commissioned. The main changes in the rules for the sale of real estate to foreigners in 2019: 1. Citizenship. According to the new law, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying real estate in the amount of 250 thousand dollars. The mechanism has already been debugged, our company will issue all the documents. And just a few months after the purchase and sale transaction, a foreigner will be able to get a Turkish passport and all the benefits attached to it. 2. TAPU. The main document of the owner can be issued for only 3% of the value of the property. Previously, the tax was higher, but the government of the country decided on a discount that is valid until December 31, 2019. 3. Banks. Now in Turkey, many banks have lowered interest rates on mortgage loans. The conditions under which discounts are given are different for different banks. For you, our company, if necessary, will select the best option. 4. Real estate valuation. A new rule has come into force in Turkey. Now, before the purchase and sale procedure, any object that is sold to foreign citizens must undergo a special state examination. After that, the expert issues an opinion in which all the parameters of the purchased housing are prescribed, as well as its real price. The examination is paid, on average, the cost is 1200 Turkish lira. Our company has also already conducted transactions taking into account the new rules. Based on experience, it can be noted that the examination takes only a few days and does not present any additional difficulties for buyers. These are the basic rules that apply to foreigners when buying property in Turkey in 2019. Contact the company Homes Turkey for foreign buyers on our website there are almost 7 thousand objects - one of them can easily become yours!

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