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Rental options in Turkey

Rental options in Turkey

Reception with rental in Turkey - exits

Regardless of changes in the foreign exchange market, fluctuations in exchange rates, prices for the transfer of instability in conditions of further growth. What are the advantages for the tenant when renting a house?

Using. Earnings are the main asset. Now in Turkey there are several ways to solve the problem of profitable rental of quad meters, which we will talk about in more detail in the next part of our article.

Money refund. The calculation of write-offs depends on the property of the household and depends on the location, area, distance from the beach and infrastructure, as well as the absence of real estate.

Vacation in Turkey. Depending on the type of rent, the landlord may not be able to rent a house, but he can also relax with his family. The main panel decides in advance on the terms of the vacation.

Rent a house in Turkey - is it possible to earn money?

Where can I buy a house abroad if you have received a lease?
As we have already seen, the Republic of Turkey is one of the easiest vacation destinations for this type of investment. However, there are several nuances for tenants of Turkish houses, which every owner and buyer knows about.
There are three types of real estate rentals in Alanya and Turkey: short-term, long-term, guaranteed.

Short-term apartment rental in Alanya

In 2017, the Turkish government made significant changes to the legal requirements before hiring a company. Modest people do not have the right to rent a house in Turkey. The right to a short-term lease can be paid by a legal entity with the consent to carry out this other type of activity, subject to several conditions:
* The owner must build a building or parts of it. The total number of beds (beds) must be at least 30. This well-known, but legal entity must have a hotel in the cottage property.
* The hotel has round-the-clock security and video surveillance, there should be a fire escape and similar facilities.
* A legal entity is required to register with the police and register tenants in a special registration system. Every day each of the owners gives birth, returns

If these conditions are not met, the government imposes relatively high fines (for the first violation), as well as exceptions for non-payment and even fraudulent non-compliance.
Such short-term rental obligations are completely unacceptable for the average owner of one or two apartments in Turkey.

The reason for such strict novelty of the Turkish authorities, who are very loyal to foreign buyers of real estate and constantly simplify the acquisition and registration of real estate, is the desire to maintain order and security in the country, especially in all areas of terrorist potential.
However, foreigners who want to make money on real estate in Turkey can take advantage of two more options.

Long-term lease

If you have one or more houses in Turkey, whether it is an apartment or a villa, you can conclude a long-term lease for at least six months. To legalize this procedure, you must notarize the contract and register the tenant in the Land Register (or Nüfus Müdürlüğü) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This registration option does not require payment and takes literally 10-20 minutes. If the resident is not a resident of Turkey, you must provide a VAT number of a foreign citizen, issued only to persons residing in the Republic of Turkey for more than six months with a residence permit.

The calculation of the return on investment in real estate in Turkey from this option depends on how correctly you have chosen the location, infrastructure, equipment, interior design quality, furniture, appliances and type characteristics. The profit can be about 5-12% per year.

The disadvantage of such a legal opportunity to earn money by renting an apartment in Alanya, Turkey, is the limitation of the possibility of your own rest in your apartment, since it is relatively difficult to find a tenant with the necessary rental conditions.

Guaranteed rental

Guaranteed rental of real estate in Alanya is one of the most profitable ways to solve the problem of making a profit from your real estate abroad. In fact, this is the first purchase of an apartment as an investment, if the new owner rents it out with the help of a management company. Such management companies are often real estate agencies, construction companies that take care of all the maintenance of apartments, payment of electricity bills, preparation for the arrival of guests, search for tenants and other necessary nuances.

At the same time, professional agency staff will help you choose real estate with real estate that would ensure high profitability of the apartment in case of rental.

For a new homeowner who wants to use the guaranteed rental service, you only need to sign a contract with a real estate agency, which sets a fixed amount of income that you will receive each year.
The yield of guaranteed rent in the Republic of Turkey usually ranges from 5 to 8 percent per year.

Another important advantage of such cooperation is the possibility of free rest in your own apartment, which must be agreed with the company in advance.
Thus, a guaranteed lease has several important advantages
* permanent income, the amount of which is specified in the signed contract;
* Without your own search for tenants and participation in the furnishing of the apartment, solving problems and other current problems;
* The opportunity to relax in its four walls in Turkey.

The disadvantages of this form of cooperation include a relatively narrow list of residential complexes in which it is possible to use this form of lease. Before entering into a contract with any company or developer, make sure that he has a license to perform this type of lease, evaluate the qualifications of employees in these matters and the possibilities for further development of the direction. After all, in some cases, after all the apartments are sold, some developers may abandon this type of activity.

Where to buy an apartment in Turkey to earn money?

Each of the regions of the Republic of Turkey has many advantages for a certain type of business. When investing in the real estate market, it is worth paying attention to the cities that have the highest flow of tourists during the year. Such cities, of course, are resorts on the entire Mediterranean coast.

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