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Purchase of a land plot in Turkey

In the Republic of Turkey, according to the law, foreign citizens have the right to buy not only real estate, but also land. In particular, it is possible to purchase land for development, both private and commercial real estate. Also, foreign residents have the right to purchase land for agricultural work. By the way, this right is increasingly being used by foreign buyers: dozens of transactions for the purchase of land for agriculture are made in Turkey every year. Only recently, foreigners from 23 countries have already acquired more than five hundred acres (2,159 decars) of land in two dozen different provinces of Turkey. It should be noted that the most popular in terms of land purchase are Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Mugla, Trabzon, Bursa, Yozgat, Nevsehir, Canakkale, Bolu, Bilecik, Aydin, Sakarya and Yalova. Residents of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Persian Gulf countries are in the lead among buyers. They are the ones who actively invest in agriculture, and are engaged not only in planting various crops, but also in raising livestock and poultry. In Turkey, land plots that are sold to foreigners are divided into three types: 1. Plots on which commercial or residential development is allowed. These are the plots included in the urban zoning plan. They are included in the register of the Cadastral Administration, they have (or are supposed to have) the infrastructure necessary for living and doing business. Important! Land plots for commercial and private development are different categories. Commercial development includes areas where you can build a hotel, shopping center, office building, etc. Private development includes land plots on which the construction of villas, houses and even residential complexes is allowed. At the same time, in the column of the certificate of ownership, it will be indicated what the land plot is intended for. If for the construction of a commercial facility, then a private house for living on this land cannot be built and vice versa. The maximum size of a private plot in Turkey for foreign citizens should not exceed an area of 3 hectares. At the same time, the percentage of real estate owned by foreign citizens is regulated at the level of 10% of the total area of the area in which this land is purchased. 2. Plots of land for agricultural purposes. These are plots for which there are no development plans, respectively, the municipality can give them for use as territories for creating gardens, sowing berries, fruits, grains, arranging greenhouses, that is, for growing any cultivated plants. The law limits the area of such lands: you can buy no more than 74 acres (30 hectares) of land. Important! The lands sold as agricultural cannot be used for the construction of residential facilities on them, that is, construction on them is prohibited. Land for agricultural needs can be registered as the property of a private and legal entity. But for a private person only if there is a project and with the condition of fulfilling certain obligations and with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture. On the same legal company, the plot can be taken into ownership without a project. 3. Land plots that are the property of the state. These include land where there are minerals, pastures, quarries, etc. Neither foreign citizens nor Turkish citizens can buy such land. However, it can be taken on a long-term lease and, for example, engage in the development of mineral deposits. There are also land plots in Turkey that are not sold or leased. These include, first of all, closed military zones and territories in border zones, that is, in a strategically important area for the country. Our company offers you all types of land plots. You can purchase land in Turkey for private and commercial development, as well as for agricultural work. Buying land in another country is an extremely responsible business, so contact only trusted companies with professional lawyers in the state, so as not to be left without land and without money. Our specialists, based on your requests, will select the most optimal land options for you in different regions of the country, check the purity of the transaction and help with the execution of all documents.

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