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The Aegean island for $ 4 million

The Aegean island for $ 4 million

Kuchuk-Orak Island with an area of 56 hectares off the coast of the Aegean province of Mugla was sold for 125 million Turkish lira (about 18 million US dollars).

There is a huge villa on the island and about 350 olive trees. Wildlife on the island has long been a protected area of the first degree without the status of a zone.

As you know, Kuchuk-Orak Island has been sold by his heirs for many years. Many tourists know it as a place for day trips by boat. By law, it is impossible to build a house here or strengthen existing concrete structures, but it is quite possible to build a so-called mobile home.

Kuchuk-Orak Island, which his heirs have been selling for more than 10 years, started at $7 million, but two years ago fell to $ 5 million due to lack of consumer demand.

According to historical data, the island was donated in 1955 by the National Real Estate Administration to Mustafa Cengiz, who owned a mushroom company in the Bodrum district of Mugla province.

Cengiz regained the rights to use and sell the island in Turkey, and then sold it in 1970 to the Swiss dentist Bulent Arim. Ari built a 150-square-foot villa on the island and spent the summer holidays with his family. The owner of the island died 12 years ago, which contributed to the desire of his heirs to sell a plot in the tourist zone of Turkey.

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