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Why Turkish Alanya attracts foreigners: housing, attractions, entertainment

If you are planning to buy an apartment in Turkey from a developer, you have made the right decision. And all because this direction is one of the most popular among Europeans today. In this article we will tell you why the number of foreigners in Alanya is growing from year to year.
Social research
You can buy an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) not only for direct living. Many European people buy villas and houses as a reliable investment tool. Purchased housing can be rented to vacationers at favorable prices.
A recent social survey has shown that already every fourth resident of the Mahmutlar district is a foreign citizen. There are already more than 12 thousand of them in the 45-thousandth. Moreover, the majority of foreigners are Russians. There are also many Germans, Swedes, Finns, Norwegians and Englishmen here.
Why do foreigners go to Turkey
If you set a goal – to buy an apartment in Turkey on the seashore, then after achieving it you will be able to count on the following advantages of the region:
*     Favorable climate. Summer reigns here almost all year round;
*     Quality food. In the markets you can find a large number of products from local farmers. Vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, fish and much more are sold at low prices;
*     Quality medical care. If you have insurance on hand, then you can visit any public or private clinic;
*     Developed infrastructure. Even Europeans from developed countries have no complaints about the quality of roads. There are also many schools, kindergartens, bars and restaurants;
*     Busy nightlife;
*     Favorable conditions for doing business. The authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that small businesses develop. You will be able to count on many benefits and other indulgences;
*     Low crime. Just imagine - cars are never stolen here. Street crime is also almost at zero. Walk quietly through the quiet streets even in the dead of night, and nothing will ever happen to you.
The desire to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea is justified also because there are very high-quality houses in Alanya. The government is carefully monitoring developers. The quality of their work is constantly analyzed during various inspections. The vast majority of local buildings comply with European standards.
If you intend to buy an apartment in Alanya, Turkey offers cheap all kinds of apartments, private houses, cottages and villas.
Foreigners also like the presented area because it is possible to cure chronic diseases here. He is especially loved by asthmatics. Practice knows cases when asthma symptoms in such a favorable climate passed in just 2-3 years. The ecological situation is really on top. There is not a single large industrial enterprise in the district. Only clean sea air awaits you.

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