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Seasonal situation in the Turkish real estate market

Seasonal situation in the Turkish real estate market

Seasonality is a term characteristic of many industries, especially retail. As for the Turkish real estate market, the price regime of apartments and houses by the sea and in large cities does not change during the year. However, the variety of items presented may increase or decrease at different times of the year.

Like autumn in Turkey, spring is beautiful and ideal for exploring and choosing an apartment. At the moment, sellers are starting to sell their real estate, and in April or October it will be much easier and cheaper to go to the resorts of Turkey.

At the height of the beach season - from May to October, the owners rent houses to vacationers to earn and really relax. As a result, it is currently more difficult to organize the display of real estate on the secondary market. If you want to rent an apartment from an investor, the season is not a hindrance to the organization of views.
Remember that Turkish resorts are hot in summer. If you can't stand the heat, we recommend waiting for the temperature to drop and choosing a more suitable weather for sightseeing.

According to statistics, spring and summer are the most popular periods for buying real estate in Turkey. However, experts and experienced buyers know that autumn and winter have undeniable advantages when checking and concluding a deal.

What does the buyer not think about when buying an apartment in the summer?

Of course, any living space will look much more attractive in warm sunny summer weather than on a cold cloudy day. However, if you are wondering when it is best to buy a property in Turkey, we recommend doing it in winter, as you can certainly count on all the disadvantages that you simply will not encounter in Turkey until the summer.

Advantages of buying an apartment in late autumn and winter:
* The climate of the resort coast of Turkey in the winter months is characterized by high humidity. Therefore, if the house is not properly sealed, mold with walls may appear in apartments on the ground floor, and the floor will heat up during prolonged rain. At any time, be it in winter, you will be able to see it and make the right choice.
* As you know, most houses in Turkish resorts do not have central heating. The cold season is quite short, so air conditioning is enough to heat the room. The easiest way to evaluate the operation of the air conditioner, the comfort of living in such conditions and financial costs during the active period of use.
* Choosing an apartment in Turkey in winter allows you to objectively assess the gender. I agree, when we look at objects in the summer, we do not pay attention to the floor, whether it is cold or warm. In winter, the most important thing is the presence of underfloor heating, the type and quality of paint.
* Almost all apartments by the sea in Turkey have large balconies or terraces. And if in summer the balcony seems to us just the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view, then in winter it can become a good helper in heating the room. The point is to cool down in the apartment at night. If the terrace is on the sunny side, it heats up quickly and by opening the windows, you can not only ventilate, but also heat the premises, creating a pleasant microclimate.
* All modern apartments are built in residential complexes with their own adjacent territory and internal infrastructure. Infrastructure equipment is provided by a specialized company. During the beach season, of course, the work is always very active, and in winter you can assess the real situation and the quality of services.

How does the season affect the cost of real estate in Turkey?
"When are apartments cheaper in winter or summer?" - current demand of potential buyers of Turkish real estate. The price per square meter does not significantly depend on the season, as the demand of foreign investors for real estate in Turkey is still high.
Prices are influenced by other more serious economic reasons, such as exchange rates, inflation, mortgage rates and the political environment.
In general, when buying a house in winter, there are several factors that can indirectly affect the value of real estate - this is the increased interest of realtors who want to sell apartments. There are fewer buyers in winter, so some sellers make concessions when concluding a deal.

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